Circus news from 2006

30 December 2006

In 2006 8 tented circuses toured Denmark from late March/early April to September: 3 large: Circus Arena, Circus Ben­neweis and Circus Dannebrog and 5 dog and pony-shows (what Americans calls high grass circuses): Circus Arli, Circus Baldoni, Circus Charlie, Circus Krone and Circus Mascot. Despite a very cold spring, extremely hot weather in July and a very rainy August business for most of them was rather good. Dannebrog tells that the season was their best ever. In Jutland Luffe Bögh assisted by Bjoern Schult-Bjoernlys and Sharon Folco from Aorilk to September presented Circus No Name in the Team LA park in Solbjerg. Some youth organisation produced circus-performances with kids as performers, using names as Circus Flik-Flak (the most established of the youth circuses) and Circus Tvaers.

After close of the Danish summer season circus owner Benny Berdino took Circus Arena on a two month tour in Holland.

Two German family circuses toured Denmark for part of the season: the tiny Circus Astoria was in Denmark in August and September. The somewhat larger (at least the tent was larger!) Circus Renz Berlin entered as far as I know Denmark sometime in July and stayed for the rest of the year even presenting Christmas Circus in Copenhagen from 22 December 2006. Neither Astoria nor Renz Berlin did big business and had sometimes to cancel performances due to missing audience. But touring in Germany might have been even worse. Circus Baldoni presented a Christmas circus in Copenhagen in 2006. Power Events presented a Christmas circus in Roskilde from 22 to 29 December.

Seven foreign new wave circuses or acrobat troupes visited Copenhagen during a New Wave Circus Festival from 23 June to 16 July: Compagnie XY, Circo Ripopolo, Escarlata Circus, Didier André & Jean-Paul Lefeuvre, Akhe Theatre, 2 Rien Marci and Petit Théatre Baraque. The Danish new wave circus troupe Cikaros toured Denmark and some other countries with their new performance.

Benny Schumann presented during the season a number of performance either alone or together with one or two other artists. Furthermore he was in charge of the International Clown Festival at Bakken north of Copenhagen in August. Ole Bünger’s tiny Circus Pip could be seen at an open air museum close to Holbäk. Several amusement parts had short circus performances as free attractions during the school children’s summer holiday: Djurs Sommerland, Bonbonland, Sommerland Zealand and Sommerland Syd.

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24 December 2006

Roskilde Christmas Circus.  For several years Luka Odhiambo Onginjo (better known as the Kenyan acrobat Samson) have had dream about establishing a Christmas Circus in Roskilde where he lives with his Danish wife and their small child. In Denmark Samson is known from his performances in Circus Arli and Circus Arena. But he also run a firm called Power Events which as agent help other circuses etc. with equipment and artist. Among the circuses he cooperates with are the Danish Circus Krone, Circus Baldoni, the Swedish Circus Olympia and Circus Bavaria in Holland. Samson’s dream about creating his very own Christmas circus was fulfilled this year when he from 21 to 29 December produced and presented a circus performance in Roskilde in a former party and restaurant tent which he has got approved for use as a circus tent. Chairs and some ofther equipment were borrowed from Circus Olympia in Sweden. The tent seated approximately 500 persons with chairs on all seats.  The performance began with at dream: A kid is sleeping in his bed in the middle of the ring and is dreaming about circus. First act in the performance was Jan Soencksen from Trio Sorrentino with a nice juggling and slack wire entrée. Then you met the comical acrobats Trixie & Roy with a nice routine. They were followed by an African contortionist Mr. Reckless. Then the juggler René Albert had s short entrée. After a run in done by the reprise clown Rudi Rudini Miss Louise (Louise Sorrentino) presented a hula hoop act. Then came Roy Kaiser (the male partner from Trixie & Roy) the ring with his 8 liberty ponies. After the intermission there was at least at the afternoon performance on 23 December a nice surprice: the young female Danish champion in trampoline Malia Walmod showed some of the tricks for which she had been awarded the championship. Very impressive! Malia is from Roskilde. After a short run in by Rudi Rudini Jan entered the ring with the third member of Trio Sorrentino, Jester the dog. Then we met Trixie & Roy in a funny version of the traditional plate spinning entrée. Following them Mr. Reckless was back as ”The King of Limbo”. Last act in then performance was the rola bola acrobat Monsieur Chapeaux. Samson has good reason to be proud of the performance and has already several ideas on how to improve next year’s Christmas performance. Ringmaster was the singer Steven Hart.

mx_reckless_20061223_low.JPG (46790 bytes)

”The King of Limbo”. Click here to see some more photos from the performance

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22 December 2006

Roskilde Christmas Circus had its opening night on 21 December. A review of the performance can be seen at this next page next week. A slideshow with photos from the performance is hopefully ready by 23 December. Click here to see the slideshow.

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14 December 2006

Problems for German Circus Renz Berlin in Copenhagen. Apparently Circus Renz Berlin is not familiar with the rules regarding circus posters on lamp posts, fences  etc. on the roads and streets in Copenhagen. The rules are quite simple: a circus is not aloud to have any posters on lamp posts, fences etc. Only posters on the official billboard are permitted. And to rent space on such billboard is much too expensive for a small circus. Despite the rules Renz Berlin had Tuesday put up poster on several larger roads in Copenhagen. By the mind posters showing tigers and lions although Renz Berlin has no such acts. Big cage acts have been forbidden in Denmark since 1962. Thursday evening the posters had been taken down again. 86 year old Bernhard Renz will now have to figure out how to make the Copenhagen audience aware of his circus. For economical reasons advertisements in newspapers seems out of question. – Another entity of Circus Renz Berlin is said to be in Leipzig from 19.december to 7. January 2007. Maybe they will present the tigers and lions from the posters in Copenhagen?

renz_berlin_e_20061022_low.JPG (54246 bytes)

The tiger and the lion on this poster used by Renz Berlin during its tour in Denmark is in conflict with fair marketing practice as Renz Berlin have no such animals.

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12 December 2006

The artist Samson has now released the names for the performers at the Christmas circus he will present in a heated tent in Roskilde from 21 to 29 December. The performers are the clown Rudi Rudini and the juggler René Albert both of whom could be seen at Danish Circus Baldoni in the second half of the summer season. Trio Sorrentino will present their comedy dog act, an act in aerial silks and a hula hoop entrée. Read more about Trio Sorrentino at Trixi & Roy will present liberty ponies and a comical plate spinning act. Reckless, (who might be Samson himself) is a contortionist and call himself The King of Limbo. Last but not least Roman & co will present a rola bola act and a karate show. Ringmaster will be the gospel singer Steven Hart.

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12 December 2006

Christmas circus shows in Jutland. Isabella Enoch is presenting some Christmas show in Jutland in connection with shows in her variety theatre Dinnershow Trapeze. The show starts by Isabella telling the children that she just has returned from Greenland where she had invited Father Christmas to visit Denmark and se how nice the Danish children are. In comes Father Christmas with his family: wife, children and his lovely elephant Rambo! Father Christmas has just returned from Africa where the African children became so fond of his reindeer that he exchanged it for an elephant. And while Christmas music is played the elephant dances, Father Christmas’ children perform acrobat tricks, camels enter the stage with the three holy kings etc. A performance in Kolding included Freddy Anthony singing Christmas carols and performing with his well known honk honk entrée.

 IssaSmil_200612_low.JPG (50241 bytes)

Isabella Enoch presents her Christmas show.

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11 December 2006

Baldoni's Christmas Circus which until30 December can be seen at ’Trianglen' in Copenhagen presents a very family friendly programme of which the owners Thessa and René Mönster have good reason to be proud. In the convenient heated tent you are greeted by Father Christmas (Freddi Steckel). Then the Christmas elfs Nis and Nisseline (Thessa and René) enter the stage in order to present the performance where all performers are dresses as Christmas elfs. Even the band is dressed as Christmas elfs. The 4 talented members of the GaoChen troupe have several fine entrées. Also Freddi Steckel is on the stage several times and it is well deserved that the final act in the performance is his world class comical casceadeur entrée done together with his partner Line. Jevgenijs Tomilov has an arial strap entrée and an entrée combining juggling with ladder balancing. Thessa and René themselves are presenting their magical entrée The Baldoni’s.  René has also a ventriloquist entrée. The performance is very nice and family friendly.

Thessa and René Mönster's ambition has not been to create a Christmas Circus with a lot of international artist but no connection to Christmas as seen several places in Germany. Their ambition has been to create a circus  show with elfs, Santa Claus, Christmas music etc. And the have managed to do so in a very charming way.

g2_gaochen_20061210_low.JPG (56592 bytes)

GaoChen-truppen. Click here to se a slideshow with more photos from the performance.

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11 December 2006

Some hundred people visited Sunday afternoon a Christmas Circus Show produced by Lene Vittrup for the Circus Museum at Hvidovre, Copenhagen. Performers were the monobike artist Louise (Louise Larsen), the juggling Santa Claus Peter Sidelmann, the clown Daniel Dimitrijevic and Klaus Bjarke Hegedahl and Rikke Adamsen with their dogs. Especially Louise got very well deserved a big applause. Click here to see a slideshow with photos from the performance.

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8 December 2006

Circus Renz Berlin  arrived today at the Copenhagen circus lot ’Bellahoj’ where the 3 Polish tent workers assisted by member of the Renz family started to put up the big top. However performances will not be given until 22 December.

Until yesterday Circus Renz Berlin stayed in Ringsted where performances was given on

25 to 26 November. After 26 no performances were given. The Renz family had probably planned some more stops before Copenhagen. However most circus lots in Denmark is very wet and soft in December. That’s why Danish circuses only tour from March to late September. The Renz family is not willing to tell much about tour plans. They are probably afraid of competitors. When they were at Funen a month ago they said that they were on their way back to Germany. Now it looks like they might winter in Denmark.

As at Funen Circus Renz offers kids free entrance (to the cheapest benches) if accompanied by an adult. From an artistically point of view their performance is said to be somewhat weaker than the Danes are used to from Danish circuses, however with several nice animal acts.

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4 December 2006

Prize to Einar Trie. On 3 December Einar Trie of the tiny Danish Circus Charlie received the Stiholt Prize 2006. Prize-giving took place in Aalborg Congress & Culture Centre in connection with the variety show Snowtime. Einar Trie was born in 1951. He was trained as an actor and in 1984 he started what was supposed to be a world tour with the one-man performance “The tiny circus”. He toured a summer in Denmark and Norway and gave a few shows in USA. In 1985 and 1986 he worked for tiny Danish Circus Krone. During those years his character Charlie the clown was created. In 1988 Einar Trie started his own Circus Charlie.

The Stiholt prize is established by the Stiholt group. The prize is awarded to a person who creates happiness. The prize granted to Einar Trie was on 100,000 DKK (14.000 Euro).

einar_trie_stiholt_20061204_low.JPG (48484 bytes)

From the prize-giving.  Einar Trie (to the left) and Leif Stiholt

einar_trie_stiholt_20061204a_low.JPG (53701 bytes)

From the left the actor Jan Schou, the actress Kirsten Price, Einar Trie, his wife Vibeke Hördum, CEO  Leif Stiholt and the actor Leif Maibom 

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2 December

Nick Olander stops as chairman for the Danish Artist’s Trade Union. Since 1986 Nick Olander has been chairman of the Danish Artist’s Trade Union. Nick was born 17 June 1944 at Amager. Copenhagen. His father established the acrobat troupe ’The Elvardos’ (sometimes spelled Elwardos) who immediately after the Second World War started touring in Europe and soon became a top act. Their speciality was hand stand and hand jumping. Nick’s father Elle jumped up and down a staircase. Nick had his stage debut at Lido in Paris when he was 17 years old. After that the Elvardos had a two year engagement at Stardust in Las Vegas. After Las Vegas the troupe which now consisted of Nick’s father, Nick and two partners choose Paris as their domicile. In the following years they had engagement with most of the major circuses in Europe, including in Circus Schumann in the Copenhagen Circus Building in 1966, and at several variety theatres such as Lido and Folies Bergéres. In 1975 the family decided to return to Copenhagen. In the 1980’ies the troupe now consisting of Nick and his father, assisted by his mother, decided to trap down, and the troupe stopped in 1986. The Elvardo’s family has always been highly respected by variety and circus owners and by other artists all over the world.

As new chairman for the Danish Artist’s Trade Union is appointed the present deputy chairman Lena Brostrom. A reception is held for Nick Olander at the Artist Trade Unions premises at Vendersgade 24 in Copenhagen on 13 December from 15 to19. His many friends from all over the world are most welcome.

Elvardos.JPG (42620 bytes)

4 Elvardos. Photo from the 1960’ies

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29 November 2006

The Danish magician Kim Kenneth & Partners (Jessica and Sabine) has great success in Douai in the northern part of France Jorgen Borsch tells. – After Douai Kim Kenneth & Co. goes to Munich where they from 25 December to 31 January can be seen performing in the first winter performance in Circus Krone’s building.

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29. November 2006

One unit of the German Circus Renz Berlin has since June toured Denmark in Jutland and Funen. The unit is headed by Circus Renz Berlin’s owner Bernhard Renz (he is more than 80 years old) and his wife who is 76 years of age. The total staff consists of only 9 adults and 3 children. Late November Circus Renz Berlin went to Zealand where they now are touring. Most likely they will set their tent up at the Copenhagen circus lot ‘Bellahoj’ from 22 December 2006 to 6 January 2007.

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27 November 2006

”Nathalie and I gave a show during the weekend. It went very well and I am very happy to have my daughter with me in the show,” Katja Enoch writes. Katja is the youngest daughter of circus owner Haddy Enoch of Circus Dannebrog. During the winter season she is training the Dannebrog horses and performing with her own shows with quick-change, comic, step dancing, balloons, hula hoop etc. And now she is joined by her daughter Nathalie who on 9 January can celebrate her 9 years birthday. You can find more about Katja’s own shows at

nathalie_enoch_200611b_msfoto.JPG (135076 bytes)

Nathalie Enoch. Photo: Mogens Simonsen

katja_enoch_200611b_msfoto.JPG (104600 bytes)

Katja as Mother Christmas. Photo: Mogens Simonsen

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25 November 2006

The international circus festival in Enschede Holland will take place in Danish Circus Arena’s brand new tent with a diameter of 48 meter and a seating capacity of 2,300. After Enshede the tent will be moved to France where it will be used for the Circus Festival in Massy.

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25 November 2006

8 December will be private view day for the artist Pia Ville's new exhibition of paintings at P’s Gallery in Fiolstræde in downtown Copenhagen. Pia started to paint in 1984. Until then she was for 20 years known as the female partner in the magician act Lee Pee Ville and Company which was among the hottest names in Europe at that time. Pia and Lee Pee Ville alias Leif Hansen parted in 1984 and Pia worked for a while with press and sales for German Circus Krone until she reverted to her maiden county Denmark and started to paint. Some but not all of Pia Ville's paintings are from the world of circus and variety artists.

pia_ville_low_20060106.JPG (23464 bytes)

Pia Ville in front of two of her paintings.

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25 November 2006

The Danish youth circus Flik-Flak will present some acrobat performances at the Hans Christian Andersen Christmas Fair in Odense on 2 -3 December and 9-10 December. There will be jugglers, unicyclists, diabolo players, escape artist etc. Performances will take place between 10 and 16 in front of the H.C. Andersen’s Hotel

flikflak_julemarked_2006_low.JPG (49545 bytes)

Young bike acrobats from Circus Circus Flik-Flak

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26 November 2006

Rain Village – a novel about a trapeze star. “A few years ago I wrote to you about Lillian Leitzel and you sent me a very useful article as I recall, “American Carolyn Turgeon writes. Carolyn continues: “I was writing a novel about a trapeze artist based a bit on Lillian, and was trying to find out more about her. The novel is just coming out now. It is my first novel. It took over 10 years to write and this is a very scary moment...!! The girl in it ends up joining an old-time travelling circus and sideshow, and I tried to make it as authentic and beautiful as I could. She also becomes famous for inventing the one-armed swingover, like Lillian.”  The famous arial star Lillian Leitzel fall to her dead when performing in a variety theatre in Copenhagen in February 1931 when a swivel ring snapped and she fell twenty feet to the ground.

Carolyn’s novel is called Rain Village. Young Tessa is a diminutive girl, far too small for farm work and the object of ridicule by both her own family and the other children in their isolated Midwestern community. Her father seems to believe in nothing beyond his crops, certainly not education for his misfit daughter. When a mysterious, entrancing librarian comes to town, full of fabulous stories, earthy wisdom and potions for the lovelorn, she takes Tessa under her wing, teaching her to read and to believe in herself—and a whole new magical world of possibilities opens up. But even as she blooms, Tessa’s father begins sexually abusing her. And her mentor carries a dark secret of her own that finally causes her to drown herself. Tessa runs off, following Mary’s footsteps, to join the circus as a trapeze artist, where she marries a loving man and finds a fulfilling life for herself amidst her new circus family. But she remains haunted by her past. And when a stranger from one of Mary’s fabulist tales shows up, Tessa risks everything to follow him to Rain Village, where she might finally discover her mentor’s tragic secret. A brilliantly evocative debut set in the early part of the 20th century, steeped in emotional turbulence and down-to-earth wisdom, where a young woman must reconcile the inner traumas from her past and learn to live in the present in order to avoid becoming prisoner to her future. Rain Village casts a fabulous spell, pulling us into a world of mystery and possibility where love, friendship and loyalty might either destroy or set one free. - Tessa is more inspired by Lillian Leitzel than based on her, Carolyn tells. They are both tiny women who are spectacular and breathtaking in the air and incredibly powerful. Lillian was famous for her one-armed swing-overs, the trick Tessa invents by the river in her hometown, and married a beautiful Mexican circus star, the way Tessa does. So I based these bits of Tessa on Lillian, and kept a poster of Lillian on the wall as I was writing. She just looks like a tiny little ferocious thing, a real demon, and I always wanted Tessa to have that same fierceness to her. And Lillian was a real bona fide star during the circus’s golden age: much more of a diva than Tessa ever is, she had her own private train car complete with a baby grand piano, and was obsessed with collecting diamonds and fur coats and cars. But I just picture her in the air, this blur of energy and pure will. Clich here to read more about Rain Village.

rain_village_2006.JPG (39107 bytes)

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23 November 2006

Jimmy and Edward Enoch in French TV. In October the bike acrobats Jimmy and Edward Enoch of Circus Dannebrog went to Paris to take part in an episode of the French TV series Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde. The episode they participated in will be broadcasted in French TV5 on 25 November at 9 p.m. According to TV5 the performers listed in French is: Jan Rouven : Magie turbine (Pays-Bas) ; Natalia Shugayéva : Boléadoras (Ukraine) ; Xavier Tapias : Construction du robot (Espagne) ; GM Team : Troupe de roller-skate (Italie) ; Dmitri Chernov : Jonglage (Russie) ; Hacuna Matata : Troupe du mat (Tanzanie) ; Duo Enoch : Acrobaties sur cycles (Danemark) ; Marie & Serjoschka : Corde à noeud / tir à l'arc (Allemagne / Ukraine) ; Florian Zimmer : Magie bombe de peinture (Allemagne) ; Duo Mak : Cadre aérien (Ukraine) ; Trio New : Trio contorsion (Ukraine) ; Marquis : Les Lannières (Russie) ; Shimshi : Magie cartes avec les pieds (Usa / Israël) et Riccardo : Les Verres en équilibre (Suède).

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23 November 2006

High wire stunt show in Randers. In connection with the official opening and "streetwarming" of a new central square in Randers you can see a high wire stunt show performed by Jean Monti. Jean is a member of the circus family Bügler-Althoff which claims to have a more than 300 year long tradition for working on circuses etc. Jean had his debut when he was only 8 years of age and has worked as a high wire artist ever since.

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22 November 2006

Christmas circuses in Denmark. 1 December is the opening gala for Circus Baldoni’s Christmas Circus at the ”Trianglen” circus lot in central Copenhagen. It is first time since 1973 Copenhagen will host a Christmas circus. Circus Baldoni will stay in Copenhagen until 30 December. Among the performers are the Chinese GaoChentruppen, the comical casceadeurs Two Steckels, the strapat artist Jevgenijs Tomilovs and the magicians Baldoni´s. From 22 to 29 December there will be another Christmas Circus in Roskilde, produced by International Agency Power-events. This firm is owned by Luka Odhiambo Onginjo alias Samson Power. Samson is born in Kenya but married to a Danish woman. The couple are domiciled in Denmark. In 2004 Samson toured with Danish Circus Arli. Since then he has worked for Circus Arena. In the summer season and during Arena’s tour in Holland you met him as fire-eater. The Roskilde Chrismas Circus has the gospel singer Steven Hart as ringmaster. Probably the clown Rudi Rudini and the juggler René Albert are among the performers.

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18 November 2006

”Greetings from Europa Park where I am until the end of January am performing at the Dinnershow Cirque d'Europe,” the Danish gentlemanthief Kenny Quinn writes. Kenny continues:”There are several French visitors so part of my entrée is done speaking French”.

Jack_Kenny_Quinn_200611_low.JPG (40822 bytes)

Kenny Quinn with his son Jack who was born 1 November, approximately one week before Kenny left for his engagement in Europa Park in the southern part of Germany. Jack stays in Copenhagen with his mother Joan Quinn. Kenny will be back in Copenhagen late January. Kenny’s mentor was the late master pick pocket Gentleman Jack (Tommy Iversen, also known as Tommy Atkins). Tiny Jack is named after the old world class gentleman thief.

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14 November 2006

Circuses seen from the air. Einar Trie of tiny Danish Circus Charlie has on the internet found some photos of Danish circuses seen from the air. All photos taken 1 June 2004:

Click here to see a photo of Circus Charlie at Greve. You can see the circus wagons etc. But the big top is not up yet.

Click here to see a photo of Circus Arena at Silkeborg

Click here to see a photo of Circus Baldoni at Alleröd. You can see the circus wagons etc. But the big top is not up yet. 

Click here to see a photo of Circus Dannebrog at Ulstrup.  

Click here to see a photo of tiny Danish Circus Krone at Hjortshöj.

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14 November 2006

INVITATION for the ECA MEETING IN PARIS ON 11 DECEMBER 2006. In December many circus directors will visit Paris because many performances are planned. It is already certain that the circuses Bouglione, Alexis Gruss, Arlette Gruss, Moscou-Phénix, Christiane Bouglione, and Pinder are scheduled during the weekend. On Monday no shows are planned, so this is an excellent chance to meet ECA members and other circus directors. In cooperation with the management of circus Pinder, we have arranged the following program:

13:00        Welcome

13:30        Overview of European ECA activities over the last years

Arie Oudenes – managing director from the ECA gives information about recent results and activities

14:00        Questions and possible answers

14:15        Circus animals in France – Activities and vision from the French Ministry of Environment. A representative of the ministry informs us.

15:00        Break

15:30        How to Comply with new European Requirements for the Movement of Circus Animals within Europe and the new EU transport regulation for animals. Laura van der Meer – ECA representative in Brussels informs us, gives answers and looks with us for possible solutions

16:30        Finish

Location : Cirque Pinder, Pelouse  de Reuilly – 12e arrondisement. For all the participants, free entrance for Circus PINDER shows.

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12 November 2006

Katja Schumann to Herning, Denmark. When I met Katja Schumann in Lund, Sweden, on 28 October she told me that she in the spring would visit Denmark a couple of days in connection with The National Stallion Show 2007 in Herning in March 2007. And now it is official: on Friday 9 March Katja will assisted by Morten Thomsen show the audience how a modern horseman can train his horse using some of the methods used in circuses. Link to ticket ordering:

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12. November 2006

Hans Christian Andersen Christmas Fair. In the old precinct near the Hans Christian Andersen Museum in Odense a historical Christmas market is to be held that has the writer's own age and - not least - his well-known fairytale figures as its point of departure. Those visiting the market will be able to feel themselves transported back through time to the period when Hans Christian Andersen was made an honorary citizen of Odense (1867). The Hans Christian Andersen Christmas Fair is to cover the entire city precinct around the museum. The streets and lanes will be a memorable backdrop, with decorations, candles, market stalls and entertainment in the garden at the museum, the Hans Christian Andersen Parade will be appearing in a winterlike fairytale castle with their special winter performance. You can also meet the well-known figures from the author's work, such as 'The Little Match Girl' or 'The Snow Queen' in the streets and lanes of the old precinct. There will be exhibitions and activities at the local museums and attractions. For a number of years the Danish comedian Soren Ostergaard has collected old amusement park rides. On Sortebrodre Torv several items from his collection will be erected. Try, for instance, the carousel, the swing boat, spinning wheel or the trial of strength.

On the market square there is a large Spiegeltent with an old-fashioned interior where refreshments will be served and there will be entertainment - with everything from readings to comic theatre and the internationally well-known Danish Magician Heinz Saxburger. All sorts of wares will be on sale at the stalls, with shopkeepers in 19th century dress. Everywhere in the precinct you will come across performers, from the hurdy-gurdy man to choirs singing Christmas carols. Child heralds with drummers will announce the day's programme. Go for a ride round the precinct with the hackney coachman and perhaps meet up with a platoon of soldiers in old uniforms marching past and firing a salute of black powder. The Hans Christian Andersen Christmas Fair will take place near the Hans Christian Andersen Museum in Odense on Saturday and Sunday, 2-3 and 9-10 December 2006, from 10.00 to 18.00.

saxburger.JPG (36765 bytes)

The magician Heinz Saxburger

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3 November 2006

Baldoni’s Christmas Circus will have its opening night at the ’Triangle’ circus lot in Copenhagen 1 December at 18:30. Member of the Danish Parliament Naser Khader will hold the welcoming speech and 16 years old Malene Flindt Rosenham (well-known by Danes from the Danish version of the TV program StarSearch) will sing a Christmas carol while a 12 meter high Santa Claus figure is raised. The performance which runs for 2 hours will start at 19. The entire income from ticket sale from the opening night is by circus owners Thessa and Rene Mönster donated to the Danish Christmas Seal association, which run Christmas Seal Houses, where children can recover from the stresses and strains that often result from troubles at home and school. You can find more about Baldoni’s Christmas Circus at

  baldonijul.JPG (42505 bytes)

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2 November 2006

stork_baby.gif (5660 bytes)

Quinn’s first child. On Wednesday 1 November at 1:14 p.m. Joan Quinn wife and partner of the Danish world class gentleman thief Kenny Quinn (Kim Thygesen) gave birth to at son: 50 centimetre long and weight 2.650 gram. The birth took place at the Copenhagen University Hospital. It was Joan and Kenny’s first child. Both the mother and the baby is doing well a proud Kenny Quinn tells. The baby will be named Jack. Congratulations to Joan and Kenny.

 joan_kenny_20060702_low.JPG (47537 bytes)

Joan and Kenny Quinn. Photo taken in July 2006.

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1 November 2006

Circus! Circus! Since 12 September the Danes have every Tuesday evening on the TV channel TV2 could follow some well known Danes’ attempt to become circus acrobats. The TV-host Erik Peitersen, the actress Therese Glahn, then singer Maria Lucia, the interial decorator John Zoffmann, Sören Ejlersen from a firm called Aarstiderne, the entertainer Sonny Fredie-Pedersen, ice skater Mikkeline Kierkegaard and the film producer Emilie Brandt. Circus! Circus! was shot in Circus Benneweis during its summer tour. First part of the gala performance in which they shall show what the have learned teached by Fumagalli, Benny Schumann and other artists will be transmitted in Danish TV on 7 November and second part on 14 November. As far as I have heard it should be a very entertaining performance.

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31 October 2006

By tradition there is one artist on the stage in the winter show in Aalborg Congres & Culture Centre. This year the artist is the Italian acrobat and contortionist Annelisa Catena. With her on the stage will be the Danish comedians Leif Maibom, Kirsten Price and Jan Schou. The winter show can be seen on 17/18 November, 24/25 November, 1/2 December and 8/9 December.

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31 October 2006

Circus Arena has as the first of the Danish circuses announced their opening day in 2007: it will Tuesday 20 March at the ‘Bellahoej’ circus lot in Copenhagen. Circus Arena will stay in Copenhagen until 15 April. The name of the performers could be seen at this page on 1 October.

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30 October 2006

Circus Animals. The film producing company Poulin has released a DVD called Circus Animals. Martin Keller, well-known Danish TV-host from children programmes, tells about a number of circus animals: camels, goats, sealions, horses, elephant and ponies and how they are trained. The DVD is edited by Agnete Louise and Katja Enoch of Circus Dannebrog. The trainers you can meet in at the DVD is Josephine Casselly with camels,  Josefine Igen with goats and dogs, Steven Pedersen with sealions, Katja Enoch with horses, Bernhard Casselly with the elephant Rambo and Victoria Enoch with ponies. The sealion sequences were shot in February 2006 at Circus Kenny in Odense. The remaining sequences were shot either before or during Circus Dannebrog’s 2006 season.

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29 October 2006

On Saturday 28 October among others Nelly Jane Benneweis and Benny Schumann was the guest of Robert Bronett when his magnificent horse show Levade Noble Horse Gala visited Lund in the southern part of Sweden. Among the performers was Benny’s cousin Katja Schumann who since her fathers Circus M. Schumann stopped touring after season 1982 has lived in USA. The first many years Katja was with New York’s Big Apple Circus. The last couple of years she has been with Circus Flora of St. Louis, Missouri, which like Big Apple Circus is a one ring high quality circus. Click here to read more about Circus Flora.

Robert Bronett had persuaded Katja to join Levade during its tour in Sweden in September and October. With her from USA Katja had brought one horse: the beautiful American Saddlebred Ushastik, on which she rode high school using today unusual ladies’ saddle. She was also presenting another Schumann speciality: riding high school without reigns and with huge champagne bottles as props. You can read a lot more about this years Levada show in Planet Circus no 3/2006.

 katja_royfoto_20061028_low.JPG (50632 bytes)

Katja Schumann at Ushastik. Photo: Roy Himsel

 katja_benny_nelly_b1_20061028_low.JPG (58306 bytes)

Katja Schumann, Benny Schumann and Nelly Jane Benneweis. Photo: Ole Simonsen. Click here to see some other photos from the performance.

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25 October 2006

New search engine on circuses. Simply Circus has put up another internet resource for the circus community in the form of a specialized search service that only deals with web sites related to the circus community. You can try the new service at

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23 October 2006

It’s magic – Vegas has to wait was the name of a show presented in Odense 21 and 22 October by the Danish magician Henrik Christensen. The audience was well entertained by Henrik and his guests the gentleman thief Kenny Quinn and the singer Merete Laursen.

itsmagic2006_04.jpg (56140 bytes)

Henrik Christensen. Photo: Lise Kokholm

 itsmagic2006_05.jpg (56844 bytes)

Kenny Quinn with a client. Photo: Lise Kokholm

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23 October 2006

The Danish born sealion trainer Steven Pedersen who during the Danish school children’s autumn holiday in week 42 was seen by more that 10,000 persons when he performed together with Benny Schumann at an shopping mall in Elsinore is for season 2007 engaged by Circus Herman Renz (the largest circus in Holland). Steven toured Denmark with Circus Benneweis in 2003 and again in 2005.

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22 October 2006

German Circus Renz-Berlin is still touring Denmark. For the time being the show is in Odense. Ticket prices for adults are from 18 to 28 Euro. Kids for free if accompanied by an adult. The entire performance is produced by three acrobats, 2 horse trainers and two kids. Lots of animals: dogs, horses, ponies, camels and elephants. The animals are well cared for. At the performance Sunday afternoon there was 3-400 people in the audience, 100 of those being adults. The income from the ticket office seems high enough to keep the about 10 persons involved in the circus and their animals alive. The quality of the performance is a bit discount-like compared with the Danish circuses.

 renz_berlin_d_20061022_low.JPG (50123 bytes)

Circus Renz-Berlin at Odense 22 October

renz_berlin_e_20061022_low.JPG (54246 bytes)

Despite pictures of lions on the poster Circus Renz-Berlin has no big cat acts

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20 October 2006

As earlier mentioned several shopping malls etc has during the Danish school children’s autumn holiday in week 42 presented short circus performances as free attraction. By far the largest of those productions is Circus Kenny at Odense’s Rosengaard Shopping Mall. Circus Kenny was established many years ago by Kenn Anker Petersen, but for the last many years is has been owned and produced by Haddy Enoch of Circus Dannebrog. The programme this autumn began with the excellent Swedish bike acrobat Malte Knapp. He was followed by a combined diabolo and juggling entrée with Steve and Jones Caveagna, assisted by Victoria and David Enoch. Then came English Peter Freeman with one of my favourite acts: the trunk Old Regnas (many years ago invented by Peter’s father for English Circus Sanger – try to spell Sanger backwards!). Last act was the Caveagna-clowns - Steve and Jones together with their father. He is a skilled musician but does not have the same charm as his two kids. Due to my professional job (I am a banking lawyer) I did only have time to see one of the other autumn circus productions: Circus Mascot in the West Zealand Shopping Centre I Slagelse. But also here the audience and the shops in the shopping mall got full value for their money in a very fine show starring Daniel at slack wire and rola bola, Marianne and her dogs, Tatyana wit hula hoop and the clown Gulio skilfully assisted by the youngest professional clown in Denmark, 9 year old Andreas. Click here to se some photos from Circus Kenny and Circus Mascot.

 andreas_20061016_low.JPG (36390 bytes)

Denmark’s youngest professional clown, 9 year old Andres Deleuran

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12 October 2006

Monte Carlo Circus Festival 2007. As earlier mentioned the Danish clown Bonbon (Lasse Norager) and his wife Tiina will be among the performers. Other clowns at the festival will be Francesco (well-known to Danes from Circus Benneweis 1995, 1996, 2004 ad 2005), les Martinis and Mikos. The Casartelli’s (Circus Medrano) will present horses, exotics and elephants. Ilona and Ruslan Sadeov will present a riding act. 23-yar old Tommy Dieck Jr will present a wild animal act. From China come Changhai Flying Act and a Risley Act. From Rumanian circus Globus comes an aerial ballet. Vitali and Oxana Bobrov presents an arial act. Duo Milany (Plamen Milanov and Kristen White) perform in arial cradle. Elisabeth Axt presents an act in Washington trapeze. Some like it Hot is banquine acrobats from Ukraine. 22 year old Pierre Marchand performs with diabolos. He was awarded a gold medal at European Youth Circus Festival in 2004. White Crows is a Russian bar act. Freres Taquins are well known for their mechanical man. The Dumchine troupe and Troupe Dimitri Dosov are balancing acts. The handstand acrobat Encho Kozarov is well-known to the Danish audience from his performance this summer in Circus Arena – his act was by far the best in the performance. Circus Arena is for the time being touring Holland still with Echo among the performers. The Wolodas is a bar act. There might be some changes in the final programme.

 encho_d_20060330.JPG (36463 bytes)

Encho Kozarov. Photo taken in Circus Arena. A few seconds after being in the position showed at the photo Encho pushes away the 8 white blocks under each of his hands. He lands in a perfect handstand at the tiny white platform on the top of each of the black bars. An outstanding trick for which he might be awarded a clown of gold, silver or bronze in Monte Carlo.

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10 October 2006

Dinnershow Trapeze. The Danish trapeze star Isabella Enoch who in the later years has staged the performance in her father's Circus Dannebrog as well as performed in trapeze started a dinnershow last autumn. It was not in order to start competing with her father Haddy Enoch but to establish her own dinnershow selling performances to closed parties, staff parties, companies etc. during the winter season. Assisted by among others Bernhard Kaselowsky Isabella has made a floor to her tent and tables and chairs making it possible to seat 320 guest for dinner. Of cause the tent is heated. The audience will in addition to a four-course dinner be entertained by Danish or international acrobats, singers and dancers. “I have just started my dinnershow again,” Isabella Enoch writes, now being fully recovered after her severe traffic accident in February. “Our first show was on 30 September and everything went very well. Since then I have had a performance for kindergartens. In near future we will have another performance for kindergartens and an afternoon performance for senior citizens. And another evening dinnershow at Sölund in the southern part of Jutland on 27 October. If you are interesting in booking Isabella Enoch's dinnershow, give her at call at + 45 40103939. Click here to see a few photos from one of Isabella’s shows.

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10 October 2006

FUSK! ”Here is a press release about our new company ROYAL BONES’ first performance FUSK!” the Danish new wave trapeze acrobat Josephine Wulff Randrup writes. ‘Fusk’ is the Danish word for ‘bungling’ or ‘moonlighting’. The performance can until 22 October be seen at the Orion Theatre in Stockholm, Sweden. ROYAL BONE is planning to take FUSK on an international tour.

The first step toward creating FUSK was taken in the summer 2005 with the establishment of the Royal Bones Company. Without beating around the bush, or perhaps precisely by doing this, ten people invite you into a universe that might be found on the back side of the coin. Humankind and its battle with itself, its dreams and world is the focal point in FUSK. Scene by scene, the audience is transported to places that challenge gravity and spout poetry as the contrabass’ raspy voice transforms the space into an inferno where everything momentarily fall inexplicably into piece.

FUSK is directed by well-known Swedish theatre and new wave circus director Lars Rudolfsson. The performers are Rasmus Aitouganov, Lars Gregersen, Mille Lundt, Josephine Wulff Randrup, Camila Sarrazin, Scott Ackerman, Hanne Raffnsøe, Maja Romm, Henriette Groth and Johan Segerberg. You can find further information on FUSK and Royal Bones at


 Fusk_2006_low.JPG (29402 bytes)

fusk2_2006_low.JPG (33027 bytes)

Photos from FUSK. Photographer:  Martin Skoog

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7 October 2006

I have earlier mentioned that Danish gentleman thief Kenny Quinn from 18 November to 28 January will perform at a show in the largest German amusement park Europapark, situated at Rust in the southern part of Germany, close to the borders of Switzerland and France. The show is called Dinnershow Cirque d’Europe. Apart from Kenny you can meet the arial act Duo Valeri from Kiev, Duet Transformation with a quick change act, Duo Lodoi with contortion, the comedian Stéphane Bulcourt, the Brazilian hand stand acrobats Up-Leon and the Europa-Park ballet. Compére is the entertainer Ulrich Grawunder. You can find further information at

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5 October 2006

Several shopping malls present circus performances as free attractions during the Danish school children’s autumn holiday in week 42. In Rosengaardscentret in Odense you can from 13 to 21 October meet Circus Kenny produced by Haddy Enoch from Circus Dannebrog. RIngmistress Agnete Louise Enoch can introduce the audience to Peter Freeman with his comical entrée as Old Regnas with a donkey and some dogs. An excellent act which during the summer season toured with Circus Maximum in Sweden. Furthermore Agnete can present the Swedish bike acrobat Malte Knapp who during the summer season performed at Sören Östergaard's Tivoli Variety I Copenhagen. She can also present the musical Italian clowns Caveagna. In season 2006 they worked first with Danish Circus Baldoni and then with Circus Dannebrog. Least, but not last the youngest member of the Caveagne family, 15 year old Steve, will present a diabolo entrée.

In Kolding Shopping Mall Circus Arena is producing performances from 16 to 19 October.  Among the performers are Bettina, Martin and Alexander Arli. In the northern part of Jutland Circus Krone is playing a number of indoor performances from 16 to 20 October. They are even visiting the tiny island of Läsö. In the West Zealand Centre in Slagelse you can meet Circus Mascot. In Elsinore City Centre you can meet the clown and multiacrobat Benny Schumann and Steven Pedersen and his sealions and penguins. The Circus Theatre owned by Thessa and René Mönster is from 14 to 22 October touring Zealand with their version of the well-known history about Aladdin. At the amusement park BonBonland in Holme Olstrup you can see performing sealions owned by Benny Berdino and presented by Addie Jepsen. You can find further information on all those shows in What's On.

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3 October 2006

New webpage for Circus Mascot. The Danish dog and pony show Circus Mascot has given their website a facelift. Click at to visit the new page with many photos. The text is in Danish only.

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1 October 2006

Circus Arena has released their program for season 2007. As in 2005 and 2006 Alexia and René Casselly will present their elephants. But in 2007 in a new entrée riding the Currier. In 2001 the couple presented a beautiful pas des deux on elephant back at German Circus Busch-Roland. The Currier might be a further development of this entrée. Ingo Stiebner will present his sealions Cecil and Ruby. His act with sealions is one of the very best in Europe. Ingo is son of Claire who for many years presented Clarrisons sealions together with her husband Peter Harrison. Ingo was also with Circus Arena in 2000, 2002 and 2004. A short while ago Ingo and his Swedish fiancé Jenny Mikaelsson bought a house for themselves, their daughter Mary and the sealions Ruby, Lola and Cecil at Hässleholm in the southern part of Sweden. The Chinese trapeze troupe Spider’s will present a double trapeze act. An act called The 4 men might turn out to be a trick riding act performed by the youngest members of the Berdino and Casselly families. America’s Robin Valencia is called the world’s only female human cannonball. This summer she was with Mooky’s Angels at Blackpoll Rower Circus in England whet she catapulted from her canon stanched at one ring door, over the waters and onto an inflatable mattress in the other ringdoors. However, Robin it not the world’s first female human cannonball. Amongst several others Danish trapeze star Hanne Waever years ago presented a cannonball act.  Suzanne Berdino (daughter of circus owner Benny Berdino) will present Circus Arena’s horses. The Danish clown Bonbon will do a number of run-ins. Another clown Mister Chap will present his boxing ring entrée, assisted by 6 ‘voluntaries’ from the audience. A third clown entrée “Painters Klat & Co.” is as far as I am informed a comedy act where the Rivelinos clowns will try to put up some wall-paper.  Dancers from The National Dance Company of Ireland are also part of the program. They are best known from their Rhythm of the Dance-show (a bit similar to the Riverdance).

 robinkanon2006_low.JPG (46261 bytes)

Robin Valencia on the first page on this years programme for Blackpool Tower Circus

 HWkanon_low.JPG (51377 bytes)

Danish arial artist Hanne Waever. Photo by courtesy of Hanne Waever

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29 September 2006

Acrobats at Rode Kro Variety Theatre. As usual some skilled circus performers have been engaged for an autumn show at the variety theatre Rode Kro (The Red Inn Theatre) in Copenhagen. The owner of the theatre Charley Kaye and his wife Belita are former comical casceadeurs. For their 2006 autumn performance they have engaged Russian Duo Malinkovich with their quick-change act and the food juggler (antipodist) Jan Navratil from Czech. Opening night will be on 9 October.

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27 September 2006

Circus Arena states on their website that their 2007 program will be released on 1 October. Further information on the program will be given on this page with next update, which will take place Saturday 7 October. (This page is updated once a week: every Saturday). However you can also yourself visit Circus Arenas website and read the news from 1 October.

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27 September 2006

Faustos Scorpion to Circus Benneweis in 2007.  Circus owner Diana Benneweis tells me that she for Circus Benneweis season no 120 in 2007 has engaged the excellent Risley act Faustos Scorpion. Scorpion’s was one of the top acts this summer in Swedish Circus Maximum. They are old friends of Dianna: the performed in a Benneweis produced performance in the Copenhagen Circus Building in 1988. Before that they had been street performers in their hometown Manila at the Philippine Islands. In 1989 the toured with Circus Scott in Sweden. During this season Ember and Abelardo was married in Stockholm. In 1990 they went to Circus Knie i Switzerland. After that they have worked in Las Vegas and with Ringling in the US. Today Ember and Abelardo’s daughter Stephanie has taken over the part in the act which originally was done by a third partner of Ember and Abelardo. The Danish audience can look forward to see a charming and entertaining entrée in which the artist invites three persons from the audience to assist them.

 g9_fausto_20060807_low.JPG (46517 bytes)

Fausto Scorpions with a female assistant from the audience. Photo taken during this year’s performance in Circus Maximum.

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27 September 2006

Circus Arena in Holland. Originally then intention was that the audience in Holland during Danish Circus Arena’s autumn tour to Holland should meet the same artist as the Danes has seen during the summer season. However circus owner Benny Berdino has had to make one change in the program. The spectacular Risley act presented with motorbikes as ’trinkas’ by the Kuskos troupe has left Arena. The Dutch authorities were not willing to give working permission to the two kids used as ‘juggling balls’. And without the kids no Risley act. As replacement Bonbon & Tiina’s popular comedy badminton act has been included in the programme. It is the same act which Bonbon and Tiina will present to the audience at the Monte Carlo Circus Festival in January 2007 – maybe together with some other of Bonbon’s entrées.

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24 September 2006

The Circus Museum at Hvidovre, Copenhagen has opened a new special exhibition about Danish circus clowns. The major part of the new exhibition is created by two of the museum’s good friends: Erik Mertz and Arne Norager. The result is a beautiful and very interesting exhibition. In the centre of the room you will se a costume used by the clown Brasso. In each corner you will find a small exhibition: about famous old clown Lavater Lee, about Charlie Rivel and his grandson Benny Schumann, about the Arli family and about Bonbon alias Lasse Norager (by the mind a son of Arne Norager).

danskeklovne_20060924_low.JPG (44240 bytes)

The costume used by the clown Brasso

 arli_20060924_low.JPG (73241 bytes)

The Arli corner

 benny_rivel_20060924_low.JPG (46515 bytes)

Benny Schumann and Charlie Rivel

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23 September 2006

Circus Baldoni closed their summer season on 24 September. New on the programme compared with season opening in April was the American reprise clown Rudi Rudini. Especially his entrée where he is directing a ‘Hollywood movie’ with three persons from the audience as actors was a show stopper. There will not be much time to relax for circus owners Thessa and René Mönster after the summer tour. They are very soon starting a tour with their winter unit The Circus Theatre which presents the performance Aladdin. At Christmas time Thessa and René will present a Christmas circus. Partly as a 50 minutes performance for schools, kindegartens etc, and partly in form of a traditional Christmas circus at the Triangle circus lot in central Copenhagen. For this performance they has among others engaged Danish world class comical casceadeurs Steckel’s, the outstanding Chinese acrobats from the GaoChen-troupe (main attraction in Circus Baldoni in 2005, has this summer toured with Swedish Circus Wictoria), The Barbi Family, Jevgenijs Tomilov from Latvia with strapates and ladder balancing and the magicians The Baldonis (Thesse and René themselves). The performance will be accompanied by a live band. Opening night will be 30 November and the last performance will be on 30 December.

 rudi_rudini_film_20060923_low.JPG (54975 bytes)

Rudi Rudini makes a film. It is Rudi behind the camera

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22 September 2006

Circus Arena at Greenland. It is a tradition for Circus Arena to visit Greenland with a non-animal performance after the Danish summer tour. This year the entire Arena-performance is touring Holland until 8 November. But circus Arena will not let down their many friends at Greenland. Thus, a second unit will visit Greenland from 1 to 10 October. Head of Arena’s communication department Christian Warrer has told me that the performers at Greenland this year will be the clowns Martino and co. (Martin, Bettina and Alexander Arli), the foot juggler Miss Ina (Circus Arli 2006), the juggler Kristaps (Circus Arli 2006), a wild west entrée with Ina Sopova and Kristaps Pavlovs (Circus Arli 2006), Bola Percussion with Stephan Masur, Santos with a limbo act and the contortionist Uwe K (Uwe Müller). Uwe is almost 2 metre high and is able to crawl into a tiny glass chest, cf. the photo below. Circus owner Benny Berdino will himself act as ringmaster.

Uwe_K_2006_arenafoto_low.JPG (51697 bytes)

Uwe K in the glass box. Photo by courtesy of Circus Arena

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22 September 2006

Dubsky`s football dog to Taiwan. After the summer tour with Circus Benneweis Danish Janos Dubsky with his wife and dogs are now at Taiwan. ”We arrived yesterday and are engaged for 6 month at the Great Moscow Circus,” Janos writes. However the dogs will have to be kept in quarantine for 21 days before the Taiwan authorities will allow them to perform. Janos and his soccer-playing dogs have several times before toured in Asia and South Africa with the Australian-owned Great Moscow Circus.

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21 September 2006

Danish artist to Monte Carlo 2007. Some of the names of the performers at the Circus Festival in Monte Carlo in January 2007 are now known. And in 2007 there will be a Dane competing for one of the clowns in gold, silver and bronze: The clown Bonbon (Lasse Norager) who together with his Finnish-born wife will present their famous comedy Badminton-Act. Click here to get further information about Bonbon.

From Hungary comes Elisabeth Axt with her Trapeze Washington Act. Also the Casartelli-horses go to Monaco. Members of the Casartelli family were awarded a silver clown in 1996 for their horse act.

As in January this year a number of Danish circus fans (including the editor of this page and his webmaster) will headed by Danish Brian Behrendt visit the Monte Carlo Festival in 2007.

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17 September 2006

Judy Glosted will join Circus Benneweis again in 2007. In connection with the season’s last performance in Circus Benneweis ringmistress Judy Glosted got cheek-kisses and hugs from the performing acrobats who has enjoyed having her as ringmistress during the season. Also the audience has been delighted again to have a ringmaster in Circus Benneweis which for some years have had no oral presentation of the program. Jydy told me that she will be back again at Circus Benneweis for season 2007 which will be season number 120 for Benneweis. This does not make Benneweis the oldest circus in the world. But no circus has been owned by the same family for that many years.” Great that Judy will join us again in 2007!” circus owner Diana Benneweis says.

 judy_20060909_low.JPG (44094 bytes)

judyface_20060909_low.JPG (51448 bytes)

Judy Glosted

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10 September 2006

Gala performance in Circus Benneweis. As earlier mentioned on this page the Danish crown princess Mary attended a gala performance 9 September. The income from the ticket box was donated to the national association SIND. SIND’s purpose is to improve the conditions for psychiatric patients. The Danish crown princess Mary is patroness of the association. Circus Benneweis has kindly permitted me to bring the photos below at my website.

mary_fumagalli_20060909_low.JPG (56030 bytes)

The crown princess is amused by the clown Fumagalli. Photo: Arne Magnussen

mary_judy_bubber_20060909_low.JPG (54381 bytes)

Judy Glosted and Bubber sings for crown princess Photo: Arne Magnussen

maryexit_20060909_amfoto_low.JPG (45587 bytes)

After the performance. From the left SIND’s chairman Frede Budolfsen, SIND’s CEO Palle Heilesen, Diana Benneweis, crown princess Mary, Marek Benneweis and Freddy Kolding. Photo: Arne Magnussen

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

9 September 2006

Diana Benneweis ambassador for SIND. In connection with the gala performance in favour of the national association SIND in Circus Benneweis 9 September circus owner Diana Benneweis was appointed ambassador of SIND. On the photo below you can see Diana together SIND’s chairman Frede Budolfsen and the diploma he presented her with.

Diana Benneweis has in her two books Alting har sin pris (There is a price on everything) and Livet bliver ikke genudsendt (Life is not repeated), openly told about her own mental problems.

 dianaambassador_20060909_amfoto_low.JPG (52997 bytes)

Diana Benneweis and Frede Budolfsen. Photo by courtesy of Circus Benneweis. Photographer: Arne Magnussen

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8 September 2006

One of the leading Danish TV channels TV 2 will from 12 September and the next 10 Tuesdays broadcast a new entertainment series for the entire family: Circus! Circus! In this program the viewers can follow eight well-known Danes' adventures when they are trained as circus acrobats by professional artists. The well-known Danes are the TV-host  Erik Peitersen, the actress Therese Glahn, the singer Maria Lucia, the interior designer John Zoffmann, the ecologist Soren Ejlersen, the entertainer Sonny Fredie-Pedersen, the skating star Mikkeline Kierkegaard and the film producer Emilie Brandt. Circus! Circus! is based on an Australian concept. The program was taken at Circus Benneweis. A number of the trainers, including star clown Fumagalli, will also come from Circus Benneweis. Also the Danish clown and multi-acrobat Benny Schumann is among the trainers.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

7 September 2006

31 August I wrote that Circus Baldoni would close its season in the southern part of Jutland. It was a mistake. Circus owners Thessa and René Mönster ended their 2004 and 2005 seasons in the southern part of Funen. But this year they will close the summer season in the Copenhagen suburb Virum (10 miles north of Copenhagen). It will not be close of season 2006 as Circus Baldoni from 30 November will present a Christmas Circus in Copenhagen.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

6 September 2006

Circus in Copenhagen. Until 17 September you can in Copenhagen meet two of the largest and best circuses in Denmark: Circus Dannebrog and Circus Benneweis. Both circuses has quality performances and live music. In Benneweis clown Fumagalli and his brother are the big stars. In Dannebrog the juggler Eddy Carello is a sure show-stopper. He will be a hit in any show.

 caveagnas_20060903_low.JPG (42038 bytes)

Italian Caveagnas clowns joined Circus Dannebrog a few weeks ago

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

5 September 2006

The Golden Clown. The Danish Film Institute has releases ad dvd version of the Danish silent movie The Golden Clown from 1926. Danish and English intertitles. A.W. Sandberg was the leading director at the Nordisk Films Kompagni from 1916 until 1926. He broke with the company due to their lack of support of his financial dispositions in connection with the production of 'The Golden Clown'. He finished the film on his own funds. 'The Golden Clown' is one of the best international quality films in Danish silent cinema. It develops the love triangle between the lovable clown, the circus princess and the Parisian bon vivant. Like so many films of the silent era, it is a tale of the old rural world and the glamour and danger in the big city. 'The Golden Clown' is a remake of Sandberg’s own highly successful film from 1917, which starred Valdemar Psilander. The presented version is a new digital restoration tinted in HD. On the same DVD you will also find 'The Hill Park Mystery' which is an entertaining detective story, where our hero, the tabloid journalist, tries to save the woman he has fallen in love with. It is a speedy comedy with many one-liners, very much in the style of Hollywood productions at the time. Look out for A.W. Sandberg’s cameo appearance as the film director. 'The Hill Park Mystery' is a digital restoration from the original camera negative, tinted according to the markings in the negative itself. Price: DKK   159,00 approx eq. to: € 21,23. Click here if you want to order the dvd.

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5 September 2006

CIKAROS back in Copenhagen. The new wave circus company Cikaros was in the spring supported with 750,000 DKK by then public artist fund. After a long and good tour with their new performance which had is opening night in Copenhagen on 30 June the company is back in Copenhagen where their performance can be seen at ‘Christiana’ from 8 to 10 September.

 y4_20060701.JPG (52256 bytes)

Cikaros-acrobats Anders Adams and Tuvali Talso

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

3 September 2006

Swedish circus friends in Copenhagen. It’s a tradition that a group of Swedish circus friends headed by Roy Himsel is visiting Copenhagen in September to see the 3 large Danish circuses. This year the visit took place 2-3 September. Saturday afternoon the Swedes visited Circus Arena in Ballerup. The evening was spent in Tivoli together with former Benneweis ring mistress and press agent Nelly Jane Benneweis, the author and filmmaker Jorgen Lorenzen and the editor of this website Ole Simonsen. Sunday morning some of the Swedes visited the Circus Museum at Hvidovre, Copenhagen, where Nelly Jane met them and told about her life and why she after retirement started to make drawings of the white faced clown. As you might know Nelly Jane created the beautiful 2006 poster for the Circus Museum. The Swedes wondered which circus which will be the first to ask Nelly to create a poster or a programme cover for them. After visiting the museum the Swedes went to Circus Dannebrog in central Copenhagen. After Dannebrog they hurried to Greve south of Copenhagen and arrived just in time for the performance in Circus Benneweis. ”A perfect week-end – looking forward to next year”, Roy Himsel writes.

nelly_20060903_low.JPG (48296 bytes)

Nelly Jane Benneweis with some of her drawings

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31 August 2006

Denmark is a kingdom in northern part Europe, the southernmost of the Scandinavian countries. The tented circus season in Denmark, Norway and Sweden runs from March to September. It is in general too cold to continue performances in tents in October and November. Among the Danish circuses Circus Arli had its final stand for this season on 30 August. This year they visited 105 cities on Zealand and gave more than 150 performances. Circus Arena will close its Danish season in Aabenraa (Apenrade) in the southern part of Jutland on 10 September. However, the tour will continue in Holland until 8 November. Another unit from Circus Arena will in October visit Greenland. Circus Benneweis will close its season 17 September in Copenhagen. Circus Charlie will close its season 2006 somewhere in Jutland on 23 September. Circus Krone will close its season on 23 September in Aale. Circus Baldoni will close their season on 24 September in the southern part of Jutland. Circus Dannebrog will have their final stand late September in the southern part of Jutland. Circus Mascot will as the last of the Danish circuses close its season on 4 October. Several of the circuses will be active during the winter season with performance at shopping malls etc. Circus Baldoni is planning a winter circus in a heated tent in Copenhagen.

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Circus Arli ended this years performance by being the very first to wish their audience a merry Christmas. From left can be seen Alexander, Bettina, Soren and Martin Arli.

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26 August 2006

The German Circus Astoria had schedules their opening in Randers, Jutland, for Friday 25 August at 19. But the performance was cancelled as only about 10 persons turned up at circus lot in the outskirts of Randers despite the fact that there were posters all over town. Other performances in Randers were scheduled for Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon. I have no information about those performances. However Friday evening only two tickets for the Saturday performance was sold. It is certainly not easy for a small and in Denmark unknown circus to attract audience.

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25 August 2006

As earlier mentioned on this website circus owner Benny Berdino takes his Circus Arena to Holland when he on 10 September closes the summer season in Denmark. Arena will tour Holland from 15 September to 8 November, starting at Leuwarden (15 to 20 September). On Circus Arenas webpage you can read the following introduction in Dutch:

Arena – Het grootste circus van Scandinavië presenteert de circusshow van de toekomst .

De succesvoorstelling Circus onder water heeft in Denemarken alle records geslagen en werd gezien door meer dan 300.000 enthousiaste toeschouwers. Nu kunt u de show in Nederland zien tijdens een tournee door 13 steden. De voorstelling heeft water en traditioneel circus als uitgangspunt. Arena heeft een show in elkaar gezet met de nieuwste laser- en computertechniek en daardoor een nieuwe dimensie toegevoegd aan de prestaties van de artiesten. Het publiek kan zich toch verheugen op een traditionele circusvoorstelling. Paarden, olifanten, zeeleeuwen, acrobaten en goochelaars zijn nog altijd een wezenlijk deel van de voorstelling. De eerste helft is opgebouwd als een klassieke circusvoorstelling, maar tijdens de tweede helft worden de sluizen geopend en de manege in een enorm bassin omgetoverd, waar de artiesten hun kunsten op spectaculaire wijze in, onder en boven water tonen. Circus onder water is een voorstelling die nieuwe bakens zet voor wat er in een circustent te beleven valt.

Translated into English the text reads (my translation): The success performance Circus under water has in Denmark broken all records and was seen through more than 300,000 enthusiastic spectators.  Now you can see the show in the Netherlands during a tour through 13 cities.  The performance has water and traditional circus as a point of entry.  Arena has put a show together using the newest laser and computer technique and therefore a new dimension has been added at the performances of the artists.  The public can enjoy a traditional circus performance with horses, elephants, sealions, acrobats and magicians – all of them being an essential part of the performance.  The first half has been built up as a classic circus performance, but during the second half, the locks are opened and the ring is transformed to an enormous basin, in which the artists show their arts on spectacular manner, under and above water. Circus under water is a performance that set new borders for what you can see in a circus tent.    

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25 August 2006

Katja Schumann to Sweden. For a while is has been known that Robert Bronett had engaged Danish world class equestrienne Katja Schumann for the autumn tour in Sweden with his horseshow Levade  Noble Horse Gala. The show will open in Sundswall on 7  September and then visit Gävle, Stockholm, Nörrköping and Göteborg before closing in Lund in the southern part of Sweden (just one hours trip from Copenhagen) from 27 to 29 October. After her father Max Schumann closed his own circus in 1982 Katja went to USA. It is first time since then she can be seen in a show in Scandinavia. You can find more about Levade at

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24 August 2006

Two German family circuses touring Jutland. Einar Trie of Danish Circus Charlie tells me that there for the time being are two German family circuses touring Jutland: Circus Renz-Berlin and Circus Astoria. Circus Renz-Berlin has been in Denmark since early July. Circus Astoria has just arrived after their summer brake. Owner Ricardo Köllner tell on his home page that there is between 300 and 400 circuses in Germany. And there is not audience enough for that many shows. That’s why he now tries his luck in Denmark after having toured smaller cities in Northern Germany for a while. He is touring with a two pole tent and the family does all the acts. As in Circus Renz-Berlin the quality is somewhat lower than in the Danish circuses where even the small circus always engages a couple of good acrobat acts in addition to the owner family’s own acts.

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20 August 2006

The 11th international clown festival at Bakken closed today with one of the best performances I for many years have seen at the Open Air Stage. In the final performance you met the comedian Toeffe, Clown Pilulas, the Danish bike entertainer Lars Lottrup, Benny Schumann with his plate spinning entrée a la rococo, Jashgawronsky Brothers with their very special musical entrée and last but not least the famous comical tight wire act The Thuranos with 97 year old Konrad Thur and his “only” 60 year old son JohnJohn Thur.  ”We have had great fun during the shows, but due to heavy rain the number of visitors have been rather limited. However we did not have to cancel any shows”, the festival’s artistically director Benny Schumann have told me. In connection with the last performance Benny disclosed that he after having been artistically director for 11 years want to have a brake. Thus his has asked Bakken to find a new artistically director. It is a very impressive job Benny has done during the last 11 years creating a festival with an high international reputation and where he year after year have been able to present both great traditional clowns and new talents. Hopefully Bakken will find someone who is able to continue the festival with the same spirit and quality as Benny has been able to.

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Konrad Thurano and Benny Schumann. Click here if you want to see a slideshow with photos from some of the performances at the Open Air Stage.

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17 August 2006

The Caveagna clowns from Circus Baldoni to Circus Dannebrog. During the season there have been some disagreements between the Italian clowns Caveagnas and the management in the Danish Circus Baldoni. When Cavaegna senior in the weekend for third time told Thessa and Réne Mönster that he and his sons would leave Thessa and René said goodbye and paid what they owed the Caveagnas. Caveagna senior then visited Danish Circus Dannebrog and got a temporary employment for him and his to sons. Most likely they will stay at Dannebrog until the end of the season in late September. In Circus Baldoni they have been replaced by the American reprise clown Rudi Rudini who some seasons ago toured for two years with the large German Circus Flic-Flac. You can find further information on Rudi Rudini at

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The Caveagna clowns. Photo taken at Circus Baldoni’s season opening on 21 April 2006

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15 August 2006

Swedish circus fans to Copenhagen. It is a tradition that a group of Swedish circus fans headed by Roy Himsel from the Swedish Circus Academy are visiting Copenhagen in the beginning of September to see the three large Danish circuses. And also in 2006 the Swedish will visit Copenhagen. Saturday 2 September at 16 they will see the performance in Circus Arena in Ballerup. Sunday 3 September in the morning they will visit the Circus Museum at Hvidovre, Copenhagen, where former ringmistress and press agent Nelly Jane Benneweis will tell them about her circus drawings. At 13:30 they will see the performance in Circus Dannebrog in central Copenhagen. After this performance the Swedes will hurry to Greve south of Copenhagen to see the performance in Circus Benneweis at 17.

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14 August 2006

At the gala performance 13 August in connection with the 11th International Clown Festival at Bakken north of Copenhagen you meet several fine performers.  Ten minutes before the show should start the entertainer Töffe entered the stage which he started to sweep. He was disturbed by Jury Pilula (Jury Emeliyanov) with a pram with a giant baby (Jury’s mother Galina Emeliyanova) who intervened when Jury tried to do a juggling entrée. The Pilula's was followed by Töffe with a wonderful comical potpourri of Christmas songs. After this warm-up artistically director Benny Schumann and Pjerrot welcomed the audience and presented the Belgian new wave clowns Okidok (Benoit Devois and Xavier Bouvier) in a great entrée. Next performer was the Spanish clown Marta S. Sevilla with an original entrée you probably could call the dead of the chicken. Then Clowns Pilula was back on stage with a funny act where Jury sucked up his mother with an oversized vacuum cleaner. Then we met the 3 Italian Jashgawronsky Brothers who dressed as Armenians presented an original entrée where the used water bottles and their heads as instruments! Then Benny Schumann dressed in rococo style and assisted by his stupid servant Töffe presented a most charming new version of Benny’s plate spinning juggler entrée. The last act in the programme was the Okidok clowns’ outstaying entrée with cardboard boxes. It was very well deserved that Benny Schumann awarded the two young Belgium clowns (they are only 30 years old) the festivals first award The World Clown and Artist Reward. The talent price The Golden nose was awarded to Töffe. Then performers were accompanied by live music: the Joliday duo.

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All the performers at this year’s gala performance. Click here to se more photos from the performance.

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12 August 2006

Friday 11 August Circus Dannebrog had set up their tent close to the shopping centre in Söndersö on the Funen Island. On her way to the circus lot Isabella Enoch was involved in a traffic accident. Isabella is recovering very well after her severe traffic accident in February and has just started to travel with her family’s circus, however not as a performer. Together with the motorcade of circus cars she was on her way to the circus lot driving her white truck with her mobile home at the truck’s body. Suddenly the truck in front of her braked sharply. Isabella’s truck hit the camping wagon pulled by the truck in front of her. The camping wagon which belongs to Josephine and Melanie Kasellowsky was badly damaged (see photos) in both ends. Also Isabella’s truck got some damages. Lucky enough there was no injury on persons.

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Photo: Kurt Stär

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10 August 2006

Today was opening day for the 11 International Clown Festival at the Danish amusement park Bakken a few miles north of Copenhagen. As usual the artistically director Benny Schumann presented a number of star entertainers. On the opening night is was the female Spanish clown, Marta S. Sevilla, Clowns Pilula (mother and son from Russia with a great entrée with a flying pram which reminded me on the entrée presented many years ago by the clowns Bube and Jule from Eastern Germany) and the unicyclist Lars Lottrup. Last but not least you met Benny Schumann himself who assisted by Töffe presented a most charming new version of his plate spinning juggler entrée. Benny Schumann had hoped also to present the comical musicians Jashgawronsky Brothers. Unfortunately their trunk with all their originally made instruments was lost during their trip from Roma to Copenhagen. Thus, it was necessary to cancel their act until the props are found. On Sunday 13 August there is a gala clown performance in a tent at Bakken. The festival will continue with daily performances at the Open Air Stage until 20 August. Among the performers the last couple of days will be Thuranos staring the world oldest active acrobat Konrad Thur.

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tallerken2_20060810_low.JPG (64691 bytes)

Benny Schumann as plate spinning juggler a la rococo

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6 August 2006

Crown princess Mary to attend a gala performance in Circus Benneweis. Circus owner Diana Benneweis has decided to donate the entire income from the box office for a gala performance 9 September in Copenhagen to the national association SIND. SIND was established in 1960 and its purpose is to improve the conditions for psychiatric patients. The Danish crown princess Mary is patroness of the association and she has promised to come and see the gala performance. If you are planning a visit to Copenhagen and want to see a great  performance in company with the Danish crown princess call Circus Benneweis at + 45 40 40 20 20 and book your ticket.

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6 August 2006

Circus Renz-Berlin. A Danish circus friend Erik Digebo Hansen met a short while ago the German family circus Renz-Berlin on the small Danish island Römö. Ticket price was fairly low and kids came in for free. Only part of the seating was put up but enough to seat the rather limited audience.  The entire performance was produced by three artists, two horse trainers and three kids. A lot of animal was presented: horses, camels, elephants and dogs. The entire program was a bit discount-like. However maybe more like circus as it was presented when grandfather was young than the more international style performance you today can see in the Danish circuses.

 Renz_Berlin_2006.1_low.JPG (43836 bytes)

Renz_Berlin_2006.2_low.JPG (42376 bytes)

Circus Renz-Berlin at Römö. Photos: Erik Digebo Hansen

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2 August 2006

Kenny Quinn to FISM congress. For the time being the FISM congress (being the world congress of magicians) is going on in Stockholm, Sweden. The Danish gentleman thief Kenny Quinn was invited to perform at the opening show on 31 July. It was quit a long trip for Kenny to go to Stockholm: 640 kilometres by car (each way) from the southern part of Sweden where he and his wife Joan this summer is touring with Swedish Circus Olympia. Kenny started from the circus at 6:00 in the morning. He arrived at Stockholm at 12 noon and was interviewed about pick-pockets by several TV channels, radio stations and newspapers. The opening show took place at 4 p.m. with a repeater at 6 p.m. After a brief chat with a few of his many friends amongst magicians Kenny got a few hours of sleep until he at 3:00 a.m. left for Aarhus in the Southern part of Sweden where Circus Olympia was waiting to have their top attraction back.

One of the TV-shots which were made with Kenny Quinn can be seen at the homepage of Swedish TV1. Click here here for a link to the website and click then at ” Skandinaver är lovligt blåögda”. (It is not a shot from his gentleman thief entrée)

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2 August 2006

Circus posters put on fire. The fire brigade in Birkeröd north of Copenhagen was called to 6 burning circus posters from Circus Arena at the main road in Birkeröd. In old days circus posters was made by paper pasted up on a sheet of hard wood. It was mighty difficult to set fire to such sheet. Today more and more circuses are using plastic poster who are more weatherproof than the old posters. But unfortunately they are easy to put on fire. Most likely the incident in Birkeröd can be put down to high spirits.

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1. August 2006

Circus troupe from Tangier on tour in Denmark. From 19 August to 11 September GROUPE ACROBATIQUE DE TANGER MED will tour Denmark with their performance "TAOUB". In the press release is said: Hold your breath as the acrobats topple along the Tangier skyline or fly through the air in acts that defy gravity. A seemingly endless sheet of fabric gives the show its name, morphs from bellowing backdrop to lavish dress - taking on a life of its own. Live Arabic music and traditional songs further immerses you in this dream-like Moroccan world. And The Guardian is quoted: "Pictures of the Tangier sea-front ripple over the supporters' white tunics, turning her act into a Spiderwoman stunt. Desert landscapes are created by manipulating a huge swathe of fabric, and simple changes of lighting work extraordinary transformations, so that a whirling dervish dance ends up being performed by giant shadows - flickering dream devils."

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30 July 2006

Royal visit to Circus Benneweis. ”We were honoured by a royal visit with just two hours notice,” a proud and happy circus owner Diana Benneweis writes. At the performance in Sonderborg Sunday afternoon Greek ex-Quinn Anne Marie (a younger sister to the Danish Quinn Margrethe) and her two children princess Alexia and prince Nicolaos, her daughter-in-law Carlos Morales Quintana and the two grandchildren Arrietta and Anne-Maria was among the visitors. Diana Benneweis welcomed the royal family together with Freddy Kolding Bergmann and the clown Fumagalli. It was first time ever the Alexia’s two children visited a circus. Just as their mother many years ago first time visited a circus by seeing Circus Benneweis.  Arrietta being the eldest of the two children was very interested in the many acrobats and clowns. The highlight for her was most likely when Alessio and Adriana Folco in their act with parrots should use 4 children. Arrietta volunteered and got in this way her debut not just as a princess in circus but as a circus princess.

Annemariebesog_2006_low.JPG (48002 bytes)

Diana Benneweis with the royal visitors. Photo by courtesy of Circus Benneweis

 Annemariebesog2_2006_low.JPG (33315 bytes)

As you can see the members of the royal family had fun! Photo by courtesy of Circus Benneweis

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29 July 2006

Benny Berdino 60 years. On 3rd August circus owner Benny Berdino of Danish Circus Arena can celebrate his 60 years birthday. Benny is the son of a fair performer Arne "Berdino" Olsen and his wife Lydia. Arne Berdino founded Circus Arena in 1955 after a number of years as performer at fairs etc. For the first years Circus Arena called themselves the smallest circus in Denmark. The staff consisted of the manager, his son Benny, his daughter Jytte and the strongman Abdullah. Later on the clown Larno joined the company. When Benny Berdino passed away in 1976 Circus Arena had grown to a nice medium sized circus. But the new owner Benny Berdino was not happy just to own a medium sized circus. He had no doubt: big is beautiful and his dream was to make Circus Arena the largest circus in the Northern countries. Under then ownership of Benny Berdino Circus Arena became larger and better year after year. However, in the late 1980’es they run into severe economical problems. Assisted by his family and a number of friends who had confidence in Benny he managed to keep his beloved circus going. The later years have been fairly good for all circuses in Denmark and especially for Circus Arena. It is now clearly the largest circus in the Nordic countries and has more visitors than any of the competitors. As the only Danish circus it pays visit to Greenland and the Faroe Islands. Benny Berdino is also involved in circus business in Sweden: for many years he had produced the performance for Swedish Circus Skratt whose owner Bo Rönnberg just has to sell the tickets! Also for the Danish amusement park BonBonland Benny Berdino has for a number of years produced circus performances. In 2006 even another amusement park Sommerland Syd has booked a Berdino produces show. When the Danish circus season ends in September Benny Berdino will try something new: he goes to Holland with his circus hoping that the Dutch people will like to see his performance. Benny has always a lot of new ideas and initiatives. It is an inspiring person with a lot of visions and new ideas who on 3 August can celebrate his 60 years birthday. On 3 August Circus Arena is giving an ordinary performance in Hörsholm (Hirschholm) north of Copenhagen. A circus can’t take a day off just because its owner can celebrate a birthday with a round figure!

 benny_berdino_20060719.jpg (15679 bytes)

Benny Berdino

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26 July 2006

Marianne and the saxophone. The Danish dog and pony show Circus Mascot has this year as their last act before the grand finale a musical clown entrée with Marianne Deleuran as saxophone playing white faced clown. Recently Marianne’s sax broke into two parts forcing her very fast to purchase a new saxophone. And the new sax is much better than the old one, Marianne tells. From the old one you could sometimes hear some unpleasant sounds which Marianne blamed herself for. But those strange sounds have disappeared when she got her new sax. Thus, it is a happy and well playing Marianne who now enters the ring!

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25 July 2006

I have earlier on this page mentioned the new Danish Circus No Name, which until 15 September has daily performance (however not Mondays) in the Team LA park in Solbjerg in the northern part of Jutland. A local circus friend persuaded me to come and visit the show. And if you like a performance with a lot of horses you will certainly not be disappointed by seeing the performance which runs for slightly less than 1½ hour. After a poetic opening entrée with the young clown Jesper German Sharon Folco present with great talent 5 beautiful Frisian horses. Her presentation is followed by a lot of other beautiful horse and playful ponies presented by Team LA’s owner Luffe Bögh (Luffe does also ride the high school), his daughter Stinne Bögh and the circus artistically director Bjoern Schult-Bjornlys who also is ringmaster. Between the horse acts there are a number of clown run-ins, a fakir act and an act with trained goats and cocks. The closing act is Sharon Folio’s very nice presentation of her African elephant Lupni. If you are in the northern of middle part of Juttland a visit to Circus No Name can be recommended. Entrance fee is very low: only 50 DKK (a little less then 7 Euro).

 j_bjoern2_20060725_low.JPG (47021 bytes)

Bjoern Schult-Bjoernlys is artistically director and chief animal trainer at Circus No Name. Click here to see a slideshow from this year’s performance.

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19 July 2006

When Benny Berdino tonight welcomed the audience in Circus Arena in a almost filled tent at the circus lot at the North Zealand sea side resort Hornbäk he could welcome visitor number 197,000 in season 2006. A few years ago Benny Berdino would have been happy to have 200,000 visitors for an entire season. This year is seems undoubtful that he will have more than 250,000 visitors in his tent before Circus Arena in September leaves for Holland hoping that also the Dutch audience will like to see the largest circus in the Nordic countries and their spectacular Circus under Water-performance. For the last many years no foreign circus apart from a few new wave circuses have been able to made much business in Denmark. Danes prefer circus names well known to them as Arena, Benneweis and Dannebrog. However, tradition might be different in Holland where people are used to visits by large foreign circuses. A couple of years ago Europe's largest circus, German circus Krone, paid a visit to Holland using the same agent as Circus Arena. Also German Circus Fliegenpilz has visited Holland with their "Circus under water".

 benny_berdino_20060719.jpg (15679 bytes)

Benny Berdino. Photo taken during the interval in the performance in Hornbäk. Benny Berdino can celebrate his 60 years birthday when Circus Arena on 3 August is visiting Hörsholm (Hirscholm) north of Copenhagen.

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19 July 2006

Ole Bünger's tiny Circus Pip claims to be the smallest circus in Scandinavia. Since 1993 the circus have toured during the school children's holiday in their small one pole tent. This year the can be seen at the open-air museum Nyvang close to the city Holbäk. The performance rung for 35 minutes. Performers are Ole Bünger as ventriloquist and magician, the young juggler Michael with balls, clubs and diabolos, the clowns Mini and Pip and the guest artist Sascha with a trained dog, two ponies and some house cats. Click here to see a slideshow from the performance.

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14 July 2006

"Here is two photos from German new wave acrobat troupe Aquanaut's visit to Faaborg on 2 July", the photographer Lise Kokholm writes. "Their schooner had the same place in that harbour as last year. Half an hour before the performance almost no one had turned up. But when the music started there were a lot of people at the harbour. A lot of kid was waiting and I could hear them discuss if the show would be the same as last year. The weather was perfect and it was a nice performance which got a big applause." - The visit was mentioned on this page on 26 June.

 aquanaut1_lkfoto_20060702.jpg (27776 bytes)  

aquanaut2_lkfoto_20060702 .jpg (31693 bytes)

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13 July 2006

Benny Schumann at Roskilde. For many years it has been a tradition that the Danish clown and multi-acrobat Benny Schumann with some guest artist present a show at the Open Air Stage at the People's Park in Roskilde. This year the performance took place on 13 July and several thousand people, including a lot of kids from Kindergartens with their teachers, had found their way to the Open Air Stage. The performance started with a giant ball rolling into the arena - Benny was inside the ball. Then you could meet Benny as tight wire acrobat, as ventriloquist, as magician, as balancing acrobat, as plate spinning juggler and as King of Rock. Then he presented his guest artist: Steven Pedersen and his two sea lions and two penguins. The charming act which toured Denmark with Circus Benneweis in 2005 (not Steven's first visit to Denmark!) was received with great enthusiasm by the audience. Especially the part of the act when children from the audience were invited to join the act and were rewarded with a kiss from the female sea lion. Steven is this year busy by fitting out a new winter quarter in France for himself and the family (including sea lions, penguins, his wife Angela and the couple's 3 children). Thus, he had originally planned to take a year off this season. But he could not reject a number of offers amongst those an offer from Benny Schumann (who also assisted Steven by booking some performances earlier this week in Tivoli Karolinelund in Aalborg in the northern part of Jutland). In the autumn Steven and Angela and their sea lions and penguins can been seen in Dutch Circus Herman Renz, which is the leading circus in Holland. Click here if you want to see a slide show from the performance in Roskilde.

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10 July 2006

Flying Superkids to Malmö (Sweden) and Copenhagen.  From 8 thru 11 December you could in the "Kölnarena" see the performance "Circus Roncalli meets Classic". Among the performers was the acrobats The Flying Danish Superkids. Uwe Godbersen founded the Danish Flying Superkids back in 1967 and together with his wife Lone and his son Lars, he is still the dynamic engine behind the Superkids. Since 1983 the Superkids have had their own organisation and they are all members of the gymnastic club Gymnastikgaarden, Aarhus, Denmark. It is a non-profit club with an elected board. The club has about 400 members, all children, and from that basis the very talented coaches - most of them all former Superkids - select the members for the Superkids team. Over the years the Superkids have developed a unique show, which mingle dance with artistic vaulting and comedy, singing and black theatre numbers. People all over the world love the show and the Kids love to travel! It started out with 20 small girls, but the idea proved to be viable, and the Kids have over the last 20 years performed in over 30 countries. Last autumn Superkids bought a circus tent in Germany with a diameter of 26 meter and a seating capacity of 500 which they now are using for their shows. With this tent they will from 19 to 23 July visit Malmö in the southern part of Sweden and from 26 July to 3 August Copenhagen. You can find further information on Superkids at

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9 July 2006

Circus BonBon and BonBon-lands show with sea lions. The Swedish Circus Skratt does never tour from mid June to mid August. During that period you have for a number of years could see a short version of their performance in the amusement park BonBon-land in the southern part of Zealand. As in 2005 the performance, which is produced by Benny Berdino of Danish Circus Arena, is presented in Circus Skratt's blue and yellow striped tent seating 1,200 persons. This year's BonBon-performance last 45 minutes and is started by English Tim Delbosq presenting 6 beautiful black Frisian horses. Next act is Serhiy with a nice rola-bola entrée. He is followed by the clowns Yuri & Leon with another rola-bola entrée using humans as a platform. Then comes Ljuba Gorbatsjova with a traditional hula hoop act. She is followed by the juggling trio Del Arte (Serhiy is one of the members). Last act in the performance is goats and dogs presented by Edy Laforte.  - In another tent in BonBon-land the sea lion trainer Addie Jepsen presents Berdino's 3 sea lions on stage as well as in water. - Furthermore you can in BonBon-land meet the reprise clown Mr. Chap with his comedy boxing act involving 6 persons from the audience. Click here to see a slide show from the performances in BonBon-land.

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8 July 2006

Benny Berdino and Sos Fenger no. 1 at the Danish radio hit list. For 7 weeks you have every Saturday morning been able to hear the singing circus director Benny Berdino and Sos Fenger on the Danish top ten hit list in the radio with an old Nina & Frederik hit "Let's fly to a star". On 8 July the song was number 1 at the hit list. Maybe Benny still will have a nice placing on the Danish hit list when he on 3 August can celebrate his 60 years birthday.

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6 July 2006

Royal visit to Circus Benneweis. Circus owner Diana Benneweis proudly tells that her circus which for the time being is in Aarhus on 6 July welcomed HRH prince Henrik (husband to the Danish queen Margrete) amongst their visitors. TV was in place as Danish TV channel TV2 for the time being is busy shooting the entertainment series Circus! Circus! In Circus Benneweis.

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5. July 2006

Renz-Berlin back in Denmark. In 2004 the German family-circus Renz-Berlin toured part of Denmark without attracting much audience. And now they are back. They might have heard rumours about a great season for Danish circuses. Furthermore business in Germany seems to be rather poor. However for the last many years no foreign circuses have ever had good business in Denmark as Danes prefer a circus well-known to them. So Renz-Berlin might get a hard time in Denmark.

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4 July 2006

Agnete Louise Enoch of Circus Dannebrog tells that this season so far have been very good and could end up at the best ever for Circus Dannebrog. Her brother the bike acrobat Haddie Enoch had a bad accident during his bike act when performing in Hals on 2 July. He torn his Achilles' tendon which is very painful. Agnes sister Isabella who in February together with the elephant trainer Bernhard Kasellowsky was involved in a severe traffic accident in Germany is recovering very well as is Bernhard. Bernhard has been with the show the entire season. Isabella is only visiting the show once in a while.

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2 July 2006

I have earlier mentioned that the gentleman thief couple Kenny and Joan Quinn when they have finalised the summer season with Swedish Circus Olympia would go first to Odense to take part in Danish magician Henrik Christensen's show "it’s Magic - Vegas has to wait!" and later on to Europapark in Germany where they have been engaged until end of January 2007. But when I met the pleasant couple in connection with Circus Olympia's performance in Baastad, Sweden they told me, that only Kenny would go to Odense and Germany as Joan is pregnant and if everything goes well will become the mother of a tiny boy by the end of October. Thus, Kenny will have to go to Germany without wife and son, Paternity leave an unknown feature amongst artists.

joan_kenny_20060702_low.JPG (47537 bytes)

Joan and Kenny Quinn. It is not yet easy to see that Joan is pregnant.

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1 July 2006

As earlier mentioned on this page the Danish new wave circus troupe Cikaros had opening night for their new performance on 30 June. You can see in What's on where you can see the one hour long open air performance which will tour a number of countries until late September.

y4_20060701.JPG (52256 bytes)

Cikaros-acrobats Anders Adams and Tuvali Talso. Click here to se a slideshow with more photos from the performance


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30 June 2006

Cikaros on tour 2006. Friday 30 June was opening night for the New Wave Circus troupe Cikaros' new performance. The high sky and utopian dreams have been the sources of inspiration to the new performance. The Cikaros production of 2006 tell a universal story about mankind's desire to give life to dreams and let the imagination win over the rational and dull picture of the world. The scene is laid in a puppet workshop full of mysterious elements where we meet the old and bitter puppeteer who is putting the finishing touches to his life's work; the most beautiful puppet to be created. We also meet his young apprentice who is dreaming of making the puppet live. In order to achieve this, the apprentice must go through a lot, and sometimes he finds himself in strange and dreamy situations. By using the means of fairytales mixed with the expression and style of new-circus, Cikaros creates a dreamy play that breaks the restrictions of common theatre while the theme and performance will be for all ages. As mentioned the play had its first performance on 1st of July in Copenhagen. During July and August Cikaros will visit a number of cities in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Se further at What's on.

Cikaros is a new Danish new wave circus troupe consisting of eight artists and musicians, all of them former pupils from the Copenhagen Circus School AFUK. The names of the performers are Anders Adams, Camilla Becker Madsen, Michiel van Leeuwen, Signe Löve Anderskov and Tuvali Talso. The musicians are Jakob Overgaard Nielsen, Maiken Bruun-Aamodt and Michael Nielsen. Directors: Mikala Bjarnov Lage and Malte Claudio Lind. Designers: Lea Burrows and Ingvild Römo Grande.

 Cikaros_2006.jpg (7176 bytes)


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26 June 2006

Sailing circus to the Funen Island. The German based new wave acrobat troupe Aquanaut will with their schooner Lovis visit Faaborg and Svendborg on the Funen Island. Using their vessel as stage the will present a performance called Sirene Shadows. The visit in Faaborg will take place on 1 and 2 July with performances at 20:00. The visit in Svendborg will take place on 3 July.

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23 June 2006

On 16 June the photographer Lise Kokholm visited the Copenhagen Circus School AFUK's season closing event at Islands Brygge. Lise send me the photos below and has told me that it was a great programme. On the photos you can see how strong the girls are in the air and how you can read while throwing around with a girl.

 afuk_cirkusfoto_1_20060616.jpg (36395 bytes)   

afuk_cirkusfoto_2_20060616.jpg (39560 bytes)

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22 June 2006

The Circus Museum at Rold in Jutland opened today a new special exhibition with some of the beautiful dresses which Circus Dannebrog's ringmistress Agnete Louise Enoch has used during the years. The exhibition has earlier been on display at the Circus Museum at Hvidovre, Copenhagen.

agnete_kjoler_a_20050217_low.JPG (28938 bytes)

Agnete Louise Enoch in front of some of her elegant dresses. Photo taken at the Circus Museum at Hvidovre, Copenhagen, in February 2005

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21 June 2006

The middle pages in the German Circus Zeitung have a number of fine colour photos of tent and equipment from Danish Circus Dannebrog. The photos were taken in Nordborg on 2 May this year.

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20 June 2006

One of the leading Danish TV channels TV 2 are for the time being preparing two new entertainment series for the entire family: That's Circus, which will broadcasted this summer and Circus! Circus! to be broadcasted sometime in the autumn. The programmes are quit different but have two tings in common: circus and the host Bubber (a popular TV host who for some years was ringmaster at Circus Arena). That's Circus is a talent competition for non-professional artists. Audition started a week ago and ended today. The most talented of the many performers has been picked out to take part in the final which will be shoot at Circus Benneweis in Esbjerg on 9 August where the very best non-professional act will be chosen.

Circus! Circus! had earlier the working title Crazy about Circus. In this program the viewers can follow eight well-known Danes' adventures when they are trained as circus acrobats by professional artists. Circus! Circus! is based on an Australian concept. The program will be taken at Circus Benneweis. A number of the trainers, including star clown Fumagalli, will also come from Circus Benneweis. That's Circus and Circus! Circus! will for sure increase the interest for circus in Denmark.

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19 June 2006

This year's International Clown Festival at the Danish amusement park Bakken north of Copenhagen takes place from Thursday 10 August and until Sunday 20 August. Every day there will be clown performances at 15:30 and 19:30 at the Open Air Stage. On Sunday 13 August at 11:00 there will be a gala performance in the tent used by Bakken's variety theatre.

During the festival artistically director Benny Schumann will present a number of great clowns and entertainers. The fantastic Jashgawronsky Brothers are a comical musical trio from Armenia and Italy. They will take part in all performances. Marta S. Sevilla is the leading female clown in Spain. She is guest artist from 10 to 13 August. Okidok2 from Belgium are star clowns in a class of their own. The have just returned from a successful tours in the USA to take part in the gala performance on 13 August. They are nominated for the festivals finest award The World Artist & Clown Award 2006. The Thuranos from USA and Germany present their comical tight wire act and will give the Danes and other visitors to Copenhagen another chance to see the world's oldest artist Konrad Thurano. Konrad was awarded The World Artist & Clown Award in 1999. Thuranos will be part of the festival from 18 to 20 August. Danish Lars Lottrup is known as the man in the balloon. He will take part of the performance 10 and 11 August and again from 14 to 20 August. Töffe is an all-round entertainer. He takes part in all performances. And last but not least you can meet Benny Schumann himself, presenting on of his well-known routines in an original new way. The festival offers a live circus band: Jollyday Clown Festival Orchestra. Apart from Lars Lottrup and The Thuranos all the performers mentioned will take part of the gala performance on 13 August at 11:00. Okidok2 will present two different entrées. The other performers will show entrées different from then ones shown at the Open Air Stage. The festival's two honorary awards the Golden Nose and The World Artist & Clown Award are created by the painter Adi Holzer. Sometimes the awards are called the Charlie Rivel award named after Benny Schumann's famous grandfather.

Before the performances at the Open Air Stage their will be a clown parade through the narrow streets and alleys of Bakken. Furthermore the Circus Museum at Hvidovre, Copenhagen, will have a special clown exhibition on display in a small tent close to the Open Air Stage.

Jashgawronsky_low.jpg (54109 bytes)

Jashgawronsky Brothers.

Okidok2.jpg (42463 bytes)

Belgium Okidok clowns.  Photo by courtesy of Benny Schumann

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17 June 2006

As usual we can for some weeks in June meet circus owners Marianne and Jess Deleuran and their dog and pony show Circus Mascot at Zealand where the give a number of performances before they in the entire month of July can be seen as free attraction in the amusement part Sommerland Själland in the north-western part of Zealand. This year Circus Mascot has got a brand new tent and present as always a very fine and family-friendly performance done by members of the family and two talented acrobat families from the eastern part of Europe.

jess_marianne_20060617.JPG (68152 bytes)

Jess and Marianne Deleuran behind the tent. To the left the clown Edwalie. Apart from presenting her poodles Marianne is the saxophone playing clown in the last act on the programme. The photo was taken before her make-up as a white-faced clown.  

 mascottelt_20060617.JPG (60700 bytes)

Circus Mascot 2006

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15 June 2006

”it’s Magic - Vegas has to wait!” The Danish magician and entertainer Henrik Christensen will on 21 and 22 October for the 12 year in row produce a show called ”it’s Magic - Vegas has to wait!" in Odense. ”In the show I will repeat some highlights from previous years' shows and present some new magic act," Henrik Christensen tells. "Furthermore I have engaged the gentleman thief Kenny Quinn and his partner Joan for the show. I suggest the audience to take care of their belongings!" - The Danish gentleman thief Kenny Quinn and his wife Joan is for the time being on tour with Swedish Circus Olympia. After their visit at Henrik's show in Odense the couple will continue to the largest amusement park in Germany EUROPA-PARK where they will present their world class entrée at ”Europa-park’s Dinner-Spectacle” until 31 January 2007.

 its_magic_2006.JPG (54608 bytes)

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14 June 2006

Circus summer school at Hvidovre. As in 2005 the Circusmuseum at Hvidovre, Copenhagen, will host at circus summer school for kids from 8 to 15 this summer. The summer school will take place 26-27/6 and 3-4/7. Some professional artists will train the kids in juggling, acrobatic etc.

 Cirkusskole2005.jpg (52398 bytes)

From last years Circus summer school. Photo by courtesy of the Cirkusmuseum at Hvidovre, Copenhagen

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12 June 2006

Circus Flik-Flak from Odense is the largest youth circus in Denmark. Their leader Tommy Hardam and his team can for the 19 season in row present some of the most talented young non-professional artists in Denmark. In week 26 Circus Flik-Flak will be a part of the Danish Gymnastics and Sports associations' national rally at Haderslev in the southern part of Jutland. There will be performances and workshops each day, Tommy Hardam tells. For the time being Circus Flik-Flaks tent is set up at Trianglen in Copenhagen. Danish TV channel TV2 has rented the tent for an audition for a competition called "That's Circus". Several non-professional artists will compete in disciplines as juggling and balancing, animal acts, acrobats and magicians and clowns. The best of the performers will be invited to present their act in Circus Benneweis in Esbjerg on 9 August where the very best act will be chosen.

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9 June 2006

Agnete Louise Enoch 50 years on 14 June.  On Wednesday 14 June Circus Dannebrog's press agent and ringmistress Agnete Louise Enoch can celebrate her 50 years birthday. Agnete is the oldest daughter of circus owners Haddy and Solveig Enoch. For many years Haddy and Solveig toured over most of the world with their world class bike acrobat act the Haddies. In 1977 they re-established the old circus Dannebrog which has toured ever since. The first Circus Dannebrog was owned by Haddy's great grandfather and stopped touring in 1930. Agnete had her debut as a performer together with her greater brother Dennie when she was 5 years old. It was in a TV-programme called "Let's meet in Tivoli". When she was 7 year old she performed on a bike together with Dennie. This performance was shown in German television and Agnete received proudly a salary of 100 DM. When Agnete was 9 and her brother 10 they became part of their parents bike act making 2 Haddies to 4 Haddies. Furthermore Agnete trained a handstand entrée on a rotating pedestal. The act was first shown to the audience in 1969 at Rosenkjelleren in Oslo, Norway. Agnete Enoch has also presented a lot of animals: sea lions, elephants, crocodiles, snakes, doves and liberty horses. For at number of years she had her own doves but she might be best remembered by the Danish audience for performing with the liberty horses which her daddy bought from Max Schumann. Her last season as a traditional performer was in 1995. Since then she has concentrated on the job as press agent and also been responsible fro pre-sale of performances to supermarkets, institutions etc. The audience meets her as ringmistress in Circus Dannebrog and during the winter season in Circus Kenny. In 2005 the circus freak Jörgen Lorenzen produced a documentary about Agnete Enoch: ”Agnete Louise Enoch – a life in circus”. Agnete Enoch will spend her birthday by going about her duties and being ready to present the evening performance at 19 in Circus Dannebrog which on 14 June is in Auning, Jutland. A ringmistress and press agent can not take a day of in the middle of the season just because she has a birthday with a round figure!

agnete_enoch_200510.JPG (60099 bytes)

Agnete Louise Enoch. Photo taken by her daughter Victoria Enoch

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8 June 2006

Circus under Water breaks all records Circus Arena tells and claim that 136,941 so far has seen their 2006-performance. After the close of the Danish summer season in September Circus Arena will for one or two months tour Holland. The traditional summer visit at the Schackenborg castle in the southern part of Jutland where the Danish Quinn's grandsons Nicolai and Felix use to visit the circus will this year take place on 15 June.

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2 June 2006

As earlier mentioned on this page Copenhagen will host a New wave Circus Festival from 23 June to 16 July. During the festival there will be a lot of activities such as performances, workshops, an open stage for coming artists and professional artist etc. The festival will be arranged by KIT (Copenhagen International Theatre) in co-operation with the Theatre Kaleidoskop, the Dance Stage and AFUK. The main sponsor is the City of Copenhagen. For some performances Institut Français is co-sponsor.

Opening ceremoni. 23 and 24 June from 16-21 (free entrance), Österfälled Torv, Copenhagen. A NON-STOP PROGRAMME on an open-air stage offering crazy, strong, beautiful, entertaining and confrontational acts and much more. Danish artists reach for the skies and create stimulating experiences including circus workshops for children. Arranged in collaboration with The Academy for Untamed Creativity (AFUK) with aid from The Municipality of Copenhagen's pool Art and Culture. Night cabaret from 22.00-02.00.  Tickets for the cabaret sold at the entrance for 25 DKK (approximately 3 Euro).

Compagnie XY. They are in doubt and cling to the past. But suddenly life takes over and the plunge into an acrobatic drama. Laissez porter is an artwork consisting of physical balance. An amazing experience where the choreography elevates acrobatics to new dimensions. The six young acrobats literally toy with gravity and lightness in this poetic performance. Duration: 60 minutes. Not suitable for children under 7.

Circo Ripopolo. A circus tent is thrown in the washing machine. It shrivels up to almost nothing, even the performance shrinks and lasts only 15 minutes. Two stable boys present six heart warming scenes using tightrope, magic, trapeze, a human cannonball, a Russian pyramid and a lion tamer. The show begins outside the tent with sneak previews of what takes place inside. Wet you appetite on 25 seats ONLY. Duration: 25 minutes. Not suitable for children under 7. PLEASE NOTE! Except June 29 the performance is a double bill with ESCARLATA CIRCUS. Remember DDK 10x2 in cash for entrance.

Escarlata Circus. An odd couple pursues their dream of an adventurous circus life. They share with the audience their circus, their love and their family struggles. Ludmila cracks the whip and is the target for Alfonso's knife throwing. The Spanish circus duo Bet & Aspa met each other in Paris where Bet was a street performer whilst Aspa was training at one the great French circus schools, Academie Fratellini. They have cultivated their characters ever since and toured all over southern Europe. They step into the circus ring for the first time with Llenties I Marabú, where the combination of sawdust, fun and touching honesty makes the audience love life. It is not without reason that they have attracted audiences wherever they perform. 75 seats. Duration: 35 minutes. Not suitable for children under 7. Remember DDK 10x2 in cash for entrance.

Didier André & Jean-Paul Lefeuvre: La Serre and Le Jardin: and waltz with wheelbarrows. They put our flaws, weaknesses and clumsiness into perspective, as if touched by the spirit of Buster Keaton. The two artists present a comedy, which in a warm and inventive way addresses our lives with intelligence, acrobatic skill and humour. Being veterans of the circus trade, Didier André and Jean-Paul Lafeuvre, have previously visited Denmark in the company of Cirque O and Que Cir Que. La Serre was their first performance together and it is a lucid and cultivated as a hothouse. It was followed by Le Jardin, which presents the blooming scope of their combined talents. "Le Jardin" (75 mins.) was developed from "Le Serre" (30 min.), from street to venue. Not suitable for children under 5.

Akhe Theatre. When the Akhe Theatre from St. Petersburg presents their unique universe the atmosphere becomes cult, chaos and absurd. Mérimée's Carmen and its fundamental story of love and jealousy inspired Mr Carmen, which is a brilliant twist of the drama using props and a kaleidoscope of happenings. The text is transferred to objects that are moved with physical elegance, ritual magic and refined humour. The performance is constantly changing and finally literally explodes. Duration: 60 minutes. No interval. Not suitable for children.

2 Rien Marci. It looks really simple. They stand alone in boiler suits with no spotlights or polished technical aids. But under the surface is an incredible compilation of the weird and wonderful. A genuine hill-billy performs one juggling act after another with amazingly refined control, accompanied to the sounds of a wash board, cogwheel and other outlandish objects. It is Charlie Chaplin in medieval disguise. The audience members throw their walnut tickets into a box at the entrance and activate the giant coffee mill, as three strange characters meet their destiny in an ever changing space. This is magic without tricks. It is a laughing workout. A very rare experience! "literally an archaically funny performance… An experiment in music therapy could look like this, if Community Care had existed in The Black Forrest in the days of the Seven Dwarfs" Soren Vinterberg, Politiken. Duration: 40 minutes. Not suitable for children under 7.

Petit Théatre Baraque. This is as close to Picasso's mind that theatre can get. In a peculiar, two-storey circus tent the audiences' gaze is attracted downwards to focus on the small movements in the space. A marionette moves and then another. A world of images is born, as rats pour into the heart of the performance from all corners. Picassos' surreal thoughts are ever present and yet subtly represented in this performance. In the ring the words sound as clear as his paintings; absurd, abstract and focussed - authentic and constantly in motion. The curtain is drawn to present a real circus Guernica. 32 seats ONLY. Duration: 90 minutes, no interval. Not suitable for children.

Further information on

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29 May 2006

As in 2004 and 2005 Einar Trie's Circus Charlie is during the Whitsun holidays in Copenhagen where there tent is placed next to the beach in Charlottenlund. Performers are a number of acrobats from Latvia with several spectacular entrées: an adagio act to the music from cats, a skipping entrée and a handstand entrée including a bike act clearly inspired by the famous May Ling. Clowning is done by Einar Trie and Asger Asguer. From 26 June to 30 June Einar Trie is in charge of a circus summer camp in Salling together with the well-known Danish acrobats from Flying Superkids. The Superkids took part in the performance "Circus Roncalli meets Classic" in the "Kölnarena" in December 2006. In July 2006 Circus Charlie can be seen as free attraction in the amusement part Djurs Sommerland in Jutland.

charlie_1_20060527.JPG (56679 bytes)

Circus Charlie at the Charlottenlund beach. Click here to se some photos from the performance.

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26 May 2006

New poster for Danish Circus Baldoni. "For a while we have been planning to change our poster for a poster which gives the audience a better signal of the type of show which we present today," circus owner René Mönster writes. "We have just ordered a new poster which can bee seen at the lamp standards (that's where Danish circuses are allowed to place their posters) within two weeks. I have made the design myself. The photo of Caveagna is taken by Kenneth Severinsen."

nyplakat_baldoni_2006.jpg (50151 bytes)

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25 May 2006

Circus Pip 2006. Tiny Circus Pip has since 1993 toured Zealand during the school children's summer holidays. But circus owner Ole Bünger has informed me that he now will scale down the travelling. - I am getting older, Ole writes. For this reason his circus can this year in the entire month of July be seen at Andelsbyen Nyvang close to Holbaek at Zealand. There will be a workshop for children at 11 and a circus performance at 14.00. The performance will be called "Circus as when great-grandfather was young". Opening day will be on 2 July. The performance will run for 30 minutes and include the magician Ole Bünger and the juggler Ronaldy. Furthermore Circus Pip's two clowns, a ventriloquist and a 14 year old diabolo-juggler. Andelsbyen Nyvang is a sort of open air museum. Opening hours Monday to Thursday 10 to 16 and week-end 10 to 17.

 Pip_og_Bobbi.jpg (51737 bytes)

Circus Pips clowns

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

24 May 2006

As I have mentioned before Copenhagen's famous Tivoli Gardens does unfortunately not any longer present acrobat acts as free attraction. But in the Danish comedian Soren Ostergaard's Tivoli Variety you can this summer apart from Soren and the female comedian Sidse Babett Knudsen and the singers The Oysters Sisters meet the Finnish magician Marko Karvo, the Swedish bike acrobat Malte Knapp and the acrobats Oleg & Oleksij Kurensky (father and son) from Ukraine.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

23 May 2006

Nelly Jane and Peter Hoeg. At the very last page in the Danish author Peter Hoeg's new novel "The silent girl" one can read: "Thanks to Jes Bertelsen, Erik Hoeg, Karen Hoeg, Nelly Jane, Jakob Malling Lambert and Otto von Moltke-Leth". The reason for Peter Hoeg thanking Nelly Jane Benneweis is that she about 10 years ago assisted him with some information for a novel which should take place in circus settings. And "The silent girl" takes place in such setting. Nelly Jane has told me that she just was a tiny pawn in the comprehensive research for which Peter Hoeg is known. It was a pleasant surprise for Nelly when she some weeks ago received the book with an inscription from Peter Hoeg. The novel "The silent girl" is so far only available in Danish but will be published in at least 11 countries. Peter Hoeg won international fame for his novel "Miss Smilla's Feeling for Snow".

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23 May 2006

Hästpalatset (the horse palace) is the title of Swedish circus queen Diana Rhodin's touring horse theatre which had its first night in Malmö, Sweden, on 11 May. The performance takes place in a 4 pole Scola Teloni tent with a diameter of 30 meter and a ring with a diameter of 15 meter. From outside the tent is white. From inside it is blue. The performance is called Drömmar & Illusioner (Dreams and illusions) but could also be called Rhapsody in Rhodin as the pre-recorded music is George Gershwin, Celine Dion and many others. The performance runs for about 90 minutes and present many beautiful horses.  The play is scripted and tells a poetic story about a little girl and her night dreams. You will meet dancers, magicians, Roman gladiators, dark riders, Pegasus as well as a Unicorn and an elephant. The Horse palace will tour the southern part of Sweden during the summer months. You can find further information at

pegasus.JPG (58614 bytes)

Diana Rhodin on Pegasus. Click  here to see a slide show from the performance

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21 May 2006

The Circus Museum in Preetz in Germany is called Erstes Circus-Museum in Deutschland. As the name indicates it is not a Danish museum. However it is situated only 113 kilometres south of the border between Denmark and Germany. A couple of weeks ago I visited the museum on my way back from Hamburg where I together with some other Danish fans had visited Zirkus Charles Knie. And the Circus museum in Preetz is certainly worth to pay a visit (the same can be said about Zirkus Charles Knie). You can find further info on the museum at

 a_20060513.JPG (44000 bytes)

The Erstes Circus-Museum in Preetz, Germany. Click here to see some photos from the exhibitions.

klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

14 May 2006

Circus Krone 2006. The Danish circus Krone is a small dog and pony show and has nothing to do with the large German Circus. But the quality of the performance in Circus Krone and the other smaller circuses in Denmark is high. Danes don't have to see a large circus to se a high quality performance. This year's performance begins with Jan Allan (husband to circus owner Irene Thierry) who wants to sit to relax on a chair in the middle of the ring. He is disturbed by his large white pony and has a last to give up and pull his horse out of the ring. Then Irene Thierry welcomes the audience. Jan Allan is back with small liberty ponies. Then you meet Camelia Bogdan in Washington-trapeze. Camelia and her husband Andreefcu Bogdan toured last season with Zirkus Charles Knie in Germany. Camelia is followed by the Danish ventriloquist Preben Palsgaard together with his talking shoes. Preben is by far the best ventriloquist in Denmark. Then the clown Allando (alias Jan Allan) enters the ring hunting a dangerous panda-bear. Then the Bogdan's present a nice version of the Mechanical Man-clown entrée. After the interval Easy riders alias Patrick Austin and Lizza King enter the ring with their carrousel act. Patrick riding a motorbike and Liza performing trick in a trapeze hanging from a rotating perch. The Preben Palsgaard assisted by his wife Lisbeth is back with a cowboy entrée including a magical act: The Spirit Cabinet. Then we meet Allando and Irene Thiery in a musical clown entrée. They are followed by Patrick Austin with his comical dog act Sam, the collie. Last act in the performance is the Bogdan's casceadeur entrée.

 f_palsgaard_1_20060514.JPG (53017 bytes)

The ventriloquist Preben Palsgaard and his talking shoe. Click here to see a slide show from the performance.

klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

11 May 2006

Alting har sin pris. In 2002 the Danish circus queen Diana Benneweis' published her memories "Alting har sin pris" ("There is a price at everything") in which she told about her life. The book has become rather popular in Denmark not at least because Diana openly told about her mental problems. The book is only available in Danish. Diana has now written a new book called "Livet bliver ikke genudsendt" (Life will not be repeated). This book will be available from 18 May 2006 and will tell about how one can live a fantastic and interesting life despite mental problems. The book will as Diana's first book be available in Danish only. The book can be ordered through Circus Benneweis' webshop. The price will be 249 DKK (33,50 Euro).

 diana_close_20050918.JPG (36348 bytes)

Diana Benneweis

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

10 May 2006

Circus No Name. Bjoern Schult-Bjoernlys who is ringmaster and artistically director of Circus No Name/Team LA tells that the Team LA ActivityPark now has bought a tent to be used by Circus No Name. It is an old tent which so far has been used for exhibitions. But after some changes it will be well fit as tent for Circus No Name and their show, which I described on this page on 17 April.

 cirkus_no_name_2006_low.jpg (39099 bytes)

klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

9 May 2006

Donation to the Circus Museum at Hvirovre, Copenhagen. Benny Schumann tells that his mother Paulina Schumann has decided to donate two of the beautiful dresses which she used in Circus Schumann to the Circus Museum. Pauline Schumann is a daughter of the late Charlie Rivel. For many years she was married to Albert Schumann of the famous Danish circus family and was especially know for her world class high school riding. After she in 1968 stopped as a circus artist she did for a number of years assist her father Charlie Rivel with his clown act. The Circus Museum is most grateful for the gift from one of the grand old ladies of the European Circus Community.

 paulina_benny_sabu_1963.jpeg (20627 bytes)

Paulina Schumann in one of her beautiful dresses. Together with her the stallion Sabu and her son Benny. Photo from 1963. From Benny Schumann's private collection.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

8 May 2006

The new poster from the Circus Museum.  2 May I did on this page mention the beautiful new poster which Nelly Jane Benneweis had created for the Circus Museum at Hvidovre, Copenhagen.  Here are a couple of pictures of the new poster. It is for sale at the Circus museum. The price is 50 DKK (6.75 Euro) at the Circus Museum. Mail the Circus Museum at if you want to order the poster. Postage and handling for Europe will be about 6 Euro.

 Nelly_Jane_Poul_Sverrild_cmfoto.jpg (57661 bytes)

Nelly Jane Benneweis and museum curator Poul Sverrild present the new poster. Photo by courtesy of the Circus Museum.

nellyplakat_2006_low .jpg (33657 bytes)

Maybe the new poster will become a collector's item

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

4 May 2006

Josef Dubsky 80 years. On 14 May the Danish clown Josef Albert Dubsky can celebrate his 80 years birthday. He comes from a very old circus family. He was born in Copenhagen in 1926 but has for many years had his permanent address on Funen. In 1953 he married Josette Carmen Andreu, a daughter of the clown Polo Rivel. The couple has two children: the daughter Tina and the son Janos, who this season tours with Circus Benneweis presenting his football playing boxer dogs. Tina is working as a sea lion trainer at the Danish amusement park Faarup Sommerland. Until a few years ago Josef, Josette and Janos as the Dubys-Rivel family presented a fine traditional musical clown entrée.

kenny2004_076_RT8.JPG (20947 bytes)

Josef Dubsky with his violin. Photo: Lise Kokholm

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3 May 2006 

Rudi Brukson to Circus Dannebrog. As earlier mentioned on this page one of the seasons main attractions in Danish Circus Dannebrog the Goty clowns from Spain cancelled their engagement with short notice, as far as I know for health reasons. Now they are working for an Italian Circus. For at short while Toto Chabri and his wife Nora and his partner Gregory stepped in as a replacement. However due to other engagements Toto made it crystal clear for circus owner Haddy Enoch that they only could help him for a couple of weeks. Haddy Enoch has now engaged the Italian reprise clown Rudi Brukson for the remaining part of the season. Rudi is the son of Hans and Elvira Brukson. With his family (father, sisters and uncles) he toured as member of The Bruksons doing acrobatic on the tight wire. They worked all around the world. A few examples: 1967 South Africa = Circus Boswel Wilkie; 1969 Germany = Circus Karl Althoff; 1970 Hong Kong = Variety Theatre; 1970 Greece = Green Park Athens; 1974 - 75 Spain = Circus Angel Cristof, Atlas; 1976 England = Belle-Vue Circus Manchester; 1976 Denmark = Benneweis; 1977 France = Circus Amar, Cirque d'Hiver, Galas; 1978 Palma de Majorca = Variety theatre Son Amar; Belgium = Circus Boultini;1981 England = Robert Brothers Circus; 1982-83 Germany = Circus Bush Roland; 1986 Singapore = National Circus; 1988 South Africa = Circus Boswel Wilkie; 1989 Denmark = Circus Arena; 1990 Italy = Circus Orfe. Rudi and his partner Sharon started to work as a duo in 1990. They finished working together at the end of an engagement in Circus Florileggio in Florence (Italy) in January 2003. Since then Rudi has continued alone with comedy. He can change the style of his show depending on the needs or different type of show: comedy juggling or acrobatic etc. A couple of times he has worked together with his two uncles Fumagalli and Daris. He says: "When we can it's always fun!" You can find more about Rudy Brukson at

 rudy_brukson_cdfoto.JPG (15611 bytes)

Rudy Brukson. Photo by courtesy of Circus Dannebrog.

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2 May 2006

Nelly Jane makes a poster for the Circus Museum. In 2005 the Circus Museum at Hvidovre, Copenhagen decided every year to release a new poster. And this year the artist behind the poster is the grand old lady of Danish circus Nelly Jane Benneweis. Nelly Jane has told me that she many years ago was fond of painting and drawing. About a year ago she took up her old hobby for which she during her year as an active ringmistress and press agent did not have time. Nelly has shown me a number of fine paintings and drawing of clown figures. One of those she has offered to the Circus Museum which on 2 May proudly could present the beautiful new poster. I hope soon to be able to show a picture of the poster on this page.

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28 April 2006

Film about Benny Schumann. Benny Schumann (born 1945, grandson of the late clown Charlie Rivel) has for some years worked on a film about his own life and the history of the Schumann- and Rivel family. The first part of the film is now ready and is called "'KROELLER OG SPAGETTIBEN" ('Curled hair and legs as spaghetti'). The film which runs for 15 minutes will be presented for the public on 6 May at the library in Hjortespring, Copenhagen. It will tell about Benny's childhood when he was trained by his parents Albert and Pauline Schumann as a horse-trainer, rider and multi-artist in the Schumann Circus, Copenhagen, and some of the acts he presented as a kid. There is also a glimpse of the horse acts he presented together with his family. As mentioned the film is first part of a larger project where kilometres of old film and hundred of photos are going to be cut together with sound and music. Benny sincerely hopes that the public will like his film in preparation of which he has used a lot of time.

 benny.JPG (26476 bytes)

Benny Schumann as the Danish audience know him today

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23 April 2006

Circus Baldoni had as earlier mentioned on this page its official opening night in Lyngby on 21 April. However this was not the first performance in 2006. The first performance took place in Rönne on Isle of Bornholm on 9 April. Circus owners Thessa and René Mönster have for some years started their season on Isle of Bornholm and then invited the press etc. to an official opening night when their show is back in the Copenhagen area. Opening took place in a brand new four pole tent seating 600 persons. Outside the tent is blue and red striped. Inside the colour is blue. No quaterpoles. This year the performance was accompanied by a 3 pieces live band: keyboard, sax and drums. Previous years taped music was used. The band was well playing and created a very good atmosphere. The show commenced with run-ins by the Caveagne-troupe's two youngest members Steve and Jones. Then circus owner Baldoni (alias René Mönster) welcomed the audience, very well assisted by his assistant "Caretaker Nielsen" (the Danish clown Lars Larna). Then 15 year old Steve presented a diabolo-entrée. It was a nice act presented with great charm. He was followed by Barbi's with their plate spinning entrée. The Barbi's has been with Baldoni since 2002 every year with new acts. After the spinning plates you met Miss Ottilia in arial ring. Next act was Steve who assisted by his father presented the run-in with the transistor radio which can play even after it is destroyed by the father. Then Peytchev entered the ring which actually is a stage raised half a meter above the ground. He was sweeping the floor. In a trash can he found a doll who happened to be his partner Fatime whom he assisted in a nice hula hoop entrée which included some acrobatic features. Then Baldoni, his ventriloquist doll Leo the Lion and caretaker Nielsen decided that it was time for an interval. After the interval the show re-commenced with Mr. Jumping (Peytchev Plamen Metodiev) with his comedy trampoline entrée. A nice version of the entrée with the drunken man and his swimming pool which as far as I know was introduced many years ago by Larry Griswold and later on presented in an outstanding version by Don Martinez. Mr. Jumping was followed by the Barbi's this time with an act with ring perch performed by the father and his 10 year old daughter Ernita. After him Lars Larna proved that he too could act as a ventriloquist. But opposite Baldoni Lars proudly admitted that he was moving his lips while talking! Then we met Jones in a juggling entrée where he was juggling with three clubs with extremely high speed. e was followed He He was followed by The Baldonis (Thessa and René Mönster) with their illusion entrée. René is a former magician who under the name Ron Marvin for several seasons worked for Danish Circus Arena, last time in 1992. Nice to see him back as a magician. Last act in the performance was the Italian Caveagna clowns with a traditional musical entrée. It has been very nice to see the increasing quality of the performance in Circus Baldoni for the last couple of years. This year's performance is the best Thessa and René has presented so far.

 baldonitelt_20060421.JPG (48800 bytes)

Circus Baldoni's new tent. Click here to see a slideshow from the performance.

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21 April 2006

Circus Baldoni had its opening night in Lyngby (Copenhagen suburb) on 21 April. You can read a review when this page is updated next week. Click here to see a slide show from the performance. (The full version of the slide show might not be ready until 22 April by noon).

 Caveagna_low.jpg (42148 bytes)

The Italian Caveagna-clowns are among the performers this year in Circus Baldoni. Photo by courtesy of Circus Baldoni.

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17 April 2006 

Circus No Name. Tuesday 18 April will be opening day for a show called "Circus No Name". It is presented in the Activity Park Team LA in Solbjerg in the northern part of Jutland. No Name is a pedagogical hotel for young people. The Activity Park Team LA is situated next to No Name. Luffe Boegh who for several years has been involved in horse breeding and horse breaking owns no Name and Team LA. Last year Team LA presented a performance with horses and camels, trained and presented by Luffe Boegh, the former elephant trainer Kim Benneweis and the former circus trick-rider Bjoern Schult (Bjoern Schult-Bjoernlys).

This year the show is called Circus No Name. Young people from No Name take part in the performance. The performance is somewhat more professional than in 2005.
Bjoern Schult-Bjoernlys will be ringmaster. For many years Bjoern and his partner performed a nice trick-riding act called Björnlys or Bjoernlys. They had their debut in 1975 at Cirque D`Hiver Bouglione. In 1976 they were with Danish Circus Dania. 1977 saw them in Hippodrome-Circus in Great Yarmouth in England. For part of season 1978 they toured with Danish Circus Dannebrog. After that Bjoern worked for some seasons for Danish Circus Benneweis and in 1982 for Danish Circus Arena. After Arena he toured with Circo Nando Orfei in Italy, Cirkus Pinder-Jean Richard and Cirque Diana Moreno. 1987 was Bjoern's last season as a circus-performer. But now he is back in business. At Circus No Name he will present a show with the classical elements from circus: trained goats, liberty horses, ponies, the reprise clown Jesper, a fakir with fire and nails, Cossack riding by Jenovic Lufkowski, tight wire, the classical clown entrée the boxing machine etc. And last but not least the African elephant "Lupni", presented by Sharon Folco. Sharon is a sister to Adriana Folco who for the time being tours with Circus Benneweis. Sharon Folco has also brought some horses and is riding high school together with Luffe Boegh. Luffe plans later to build a permanent Circus Building at Team LA. You can find further information about Team LA (in Danish) at

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14 April 2006

Circus Dannebrog 2006. When Haddy Enoch (born 1934) and his wife Solveig (born 1937) in 1977 re-established circus Dannebrog using an old tent bought from circus Royal which gave up touring after the 1972-season many wondered if Haddy's circus would survive. The first Circus Dannebrog was established by Haddy's great grandfather in 1880 (other sources say that the starting year was 1897) and stopped touring in 1930. The first seasons for Haddy's circus were pretty rough. But in 2006 being Haddy's 30 season as a circus owner everyone have to admit that the Enoch family has succeeded in establishing a good and large circus.

However the last couple of months have been rather tough for the Enoch family. Isabella Enoch who usually is putting the performance on stage was rather badly damaged when she together with the elephant trainer Bernhard Kasselowsky was involved in a traffic accident in February. One of the seasons main attractions the Goty clowns had to cancel their engagement, as far as I know for health reasons. Circus Dannebrog's brand new tent created some problem as new circus tents always does until the tentmaster and his crew gets familiar with the tent. And the rather hard winter and very rainy end of March have changed many circus lots to something close to puddles. It have been a severe problem for all the Danish circuses.

But when the press was invited to see the performance on Maundy Thursday in Odense nobody could see that the Enoch family has had all the problems mentioned. The Enoch family presented a very strong performance in the variety theatre stile which is Isabella Enoch's "brand". This year she has due to her accident been assisted by her smaller sister Katja. The new tent is a Cannobio tent with a diameter of 36 meter. Outside the colour is white with red ornaments. Inside the colour is dark red. The tent have 4 king poles and no quarter poles. For some years Circus Dannebrog has used taped music. But this year the performance was accompanied by a 7 piece band. Real nice with live music!

First act in the performance was the juggler Eddy Carello. A talented and charming guy juggling with footballs in a way which make his act a showstopper. Next act was the hand stand acrobat Miss Olesija, performing at the stage in front of the bandstand which Dannebrog for some years has used in addition to the ring. Olesija was followed by the Enoch family's traditional bike act Haddies Jr. In 2006 performed by Haddy Enoch's son and grandson Dennie and Jimmy Enoch, both being among the best bike acrobats in Europe. Josefine Kasselowsky presented a short but nice act in trapeze with tricks Isabella Enoch have taught her. Then Katja Enoch presented liberty horses in a nice entrée which showed how much she have been able to teach the horses during the winter's hard training. Then Bernhard Kasselowsky (also called Bernhard Casselly) assisted by his daughters Josefine and Melanie presented his elephant Rambo. If you didn't know it you would hardly be able to see that Bernhard two months ago was involved in a severe traffic accident. Last act before the interval was Glatvatskies in a nice entrée in roman ring and arial cradle. First act after the interval was Josefine and Daniel Igen with their dogs. Then the audience once again met the juggler Eddy Carello in another great entrée where he was bouncing balls against a drum set. Impressive and spectacular! After that it was time for ringmistress Agnete Louise Enoch to ask the audience if they wanted to see clowns. Of cause the answer was yes. And then Agnete presented the audience for one of the best loved clowns in Europe: Belgian Toto Chabri. Toto has together with his wife Nora and his partner Gregory for a couple of weeks been engaged to replace the Goty's. Although Toto this year can celebrate his 75 years birthday you did not feel that he was an elderly person when you saw his classical entrées "Load - Unload", the music entrée and the ballerina entrée. Easy to understand that the audience in Odense was enthusiastic about Toto Chabri & Co! After the clowns Josefine Kasselowsky riding on horseback presented her father's camels. Then Josefine and Daniel Igen presented their goats. Last act in the programme was a fine act in flying trapeze The flying Michaels.

g_rambo_2_20060413_low.JPG (46784 bytes)

Rambo and Bernhard Kasselowsky and his daughters. Click here to see a slide show from the performance.

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12 April 2006

Copenhagen's famous Tivoli Gardens  does unfortunately not any longer present acrobat acts as free attraction. But in the Danish comedian Soren Ostergaard's Tivoli Variety you can this summer apart from Soren and a female actress Sidse Babett Knudsen and the singers The Oysters Sisters meet the Finnish magician Marko Karvo. You can read more about Marko Karvo at

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11 April 2006

Circus Arcus present a new wave performance. Hvidovre's youth circuses Circus Regnbueboern changed last year their name to Circus Arcus. In a press release from Circus Arcus they tell that one of their troupes with performers aged 14 to 23 this year will present a new wave circus performance called "Lifetime”. Then performance can be seen 4 to 6 May in a tent at a circus lot close to the Circus museum at Hvidovre, Copenhagen. Further information and ticket ordering at + 45 36 49 78 47 or by sending an email to

 cirkus_arcus_low.JPG (42837 bytes)

From a performance in Circus Arcus. Photo by courtesy of Circus Arcus

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10 April 2006

Fund donation to the Circus Museum at Hvidovre, Copenhagen. The foundation Realdania was established in late 2000 following a merger of two large financial institutions. At the end of 2005 Realdania's net capital amounted to approx 3.9 billion Euro. The foundation has just granted 675,000 Euro to the Circus Museum at Hvidovre, Copenhagen. The amount shall together with an amount of 375,000 which another foundation granted a year ago be used to convert an old forge close to the Circus Museum to an adventure centre to be used by the museum and its visitors.

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8 April 2006

Opening of the newest special exhibition at the Circus museum at Hvidovre, Copenhagen with photos taken by popular radio host Leif Wivelsted took place on 7 April. While Hvidovre's Lord Mayor Britta Christensen and the museums chairman Milton Graff was watching the elephant Tonga assisted by her owner René Caselly, Pjerrot, the African multiacrobat Samson and the Danish clown BonBon opened the exhibition. All of the artist is this year working at Circus Arena. Tonga even run into the building, took at look at Circus Dannebrog's ringmistress Agnete Louise Enoch's beautiful costumes and then went outside again to have the carrots he has been promised! Luckily enough for the museum he did not take the stairs to the first floor. For this reason his missed the interesting exhibition with black and white photos taken by Leif Wivelsted. Leif Wivelsted has told me that he started taking photos of artist and clowns in Circus Arena in 2000.

 tonga_pjerrot_20060407_low.JPG (40009 bytes)   leif_wivelsted_20060407.JPG (39210 bytes)

Leif: Tonga and Pjerrot. Right:  Leif Wivelsted in front of some of his photos

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5 April 2006

The Danish dog and pony show Circus Mascot opened season 2006 in Roslev in the northern part of Jutland on 30 March. In this years performance you will meet Edward & Galina with cube acrobatic, the juggler Mr. Valery, Miss Tania with a hula hoop entrée and the clown Gulio (Ulmas Gulamov) assisted by Andreas Deleuran. Andreas is son of circus owners Marianne and Jess Deleuran. He is now 8 years old and has during the winter prepared a diabolo juggling entrée which he now will show the audience. His big brother Daniel Deleuran has practised his rola bola act and is now using a number of cubes. Marianne Deleuran will present her poodles and Jess Deleuran his ponies. During the season Circus Mascot will visit a number of smaller cities in Jutland and Funen and also some villages at Zealand on their way to and from 'Sommerland Sjaelland' (an amusement park at Zealand) where Circus Mascot will be a free attraction in July.

o4_gulio_20050618_low.JPG (29914 bytes)

Gulio the clown

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3 April 2006

1 April was opening day for the small Danish Circus Arli. The performance was as always very nice and is presented by circus owner Soren Arli's daughter in law Bettina Arli. First act in the performance is Kristaps who is juggling with cigar boxes. He is followed by Gola in a charming and poetic entrée where she combines a date with a hat stand with a quick-change act. Then Martin Arli enters the ring in an amusing entrée where a picture he has drawn on a table suddenly moves eyes and mouth and even begins to talk. Martin is followed by Ina Sopava in a charming entrée with her three dash dogs. After her we met Soren Arli's grandson Alexander Arli in comical entrée as the fireman who shall rescue a cat (a doll) hanging in a wire from the top of the tent. Last act before the interval was Oleg with a nice handstand entrée in which he was assisted by his partner Olga (alias Gola). After the interval Kristaps and Ina came back with a comical Wild West act called Dixie Rollers. Then Alexander Arli did some step-dancing. Next act was Madam Sebesevych (alias Olga/Gola) with a great entrée in arial ring. Then we met the children's favourite: the clowns Martino & Co. This year with Soren Arli as the white faced clown and his son and grandson Martin and Alexander as augustes in baggy-pants with exaggerated make up and clothing. Soren decided to stop his long career as white-faced clown after season 2000. But Martin and Alexander has persuaded Soren to have a comeback. The trio presented the classical busy bee entrée and ended their act with a musical entrée with Martin on trombone, Alexander on trumpet and Sore nom saxophone. Last act in the programme was Ina Sopava with a nice foot juggling entrée in which she was wearing boots with stiletto heels!

 soren_arli_20060402_low.JPG (28406 bytes)

Søren Arli as white faced clown. Click here to see a slide show from this year's Arli-performance

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29 March 2006

28 March was opening night for Circus Dannebrog. It has for many years been a tradition that the opening take place in Vojens in the southern part of Jutland where a local supermarket is sponsor for the opening performance. This year opening took place in a brand new tent. And this year's performance was accompanied by a 7 piece live band. For some years Dannebrog has used taped music. It was nice to have a live band back. Despite his severe traffic accident about a month ago Bernhard Kasselowsky managed himself to present his elephant Rambo in the ring. Danish circus historian Jorgen Lorenzen tells that it was impressive and touching to see Bernhard enter the ring - dressed in all white - with his elephant. The most impressive act amongst many good acts was The Flying Michaels (flying trapeze). Jorgen said that it was great to see such am act in a tent with a diameter of only 36 meter. A full report with photos from the performance will follow after the "press opening night" on 13 April.

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27 March 2006

From 18 to 21 May there is once again Clown Festival in Svendborg, Funen Island. In this years festival you will meet clowns from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, UK, Wales, Spain, USA, Germany, Holland, France, Poland, Russia and New Zealand. The programme will follow the concept from previous years with clowns arriving on Wednesday. Thursday and Friday the clowns will perform for children, at hospitals, at old folks homes etc. Thursday night there will be an international clown gala show. Saturday there is a clown parade and clown performances in the downtown streets. You can find further information at

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24 March 2006

23 March was opening night for the oldest of the Danish circuses Circus Benneweis.

As in 2003 the main attraction was the Italian world class clown Fumagalli (awarded with a silver clown in Monte Carlo 2001) performing together with his brother Darius. Fumagalli (Gianni Huesca) and Darius Huesca are former teeterboard and tight wire acrobats and toured Denmark with Circus Benneweis first time in 1976 together with their brother-in law Hans Brukson.  At that time Fumagalli was a young and gifted acrobat. Today he is among the hottest names in the European circus world. Great that the Danish audience once again can meets this outstanding artist. The 2006 performance began with an entrée with Fumagalli and Darix who also had a number of run-ins during the performanace. After the two brothers Benneweis' new ring mistress Judy Glosted welcomed the audience riding one of Adriana Folco's horses. She was followed by a talented young juggler Jemil Mertinez juggling with soccer balls. Next act was Duo Splash in a beautifully choreographed act in arial cradle. Then came Dubsky's soccer-playing boxer dogs. An act created as long back as in 1939 (however not with the dogs performing in 2006!). The present owner Janos Dubsky (former white-faced clown with the Dubsky-Rivel family) has put his very own fingerprint on the act. Last act before the interval was Fumagalli's two sons Nini and Nico (Giovanni and Nicolai) who under the name Huesca Brothers presented an excellent Risley act. After the interval Fuma Boys entered the ring -old fashion acrobats in the shape of Fumagalli, Darix, Nini, Nico and Marek Benneweis. A very funny entrée which we have never before seen in Denmark. Fuma Boys was followed by an unusual act in a Danish circus ring: large colourful macaw parrots presented in a most charming way by Fochesato and partner. They were followed by the act which got the largest applause on the opening night: the three acrobats from Street Kick in a number of impressive leaps and salts. Then came Fumagalli, Darix and Marek Benneweis with Fumagalli's very own version of the Busy Bee-entrée. Last acrobat in the ring was Adriana Folco with her elephant Baby. She was followed by a short intermezzo where Judy Glosted accompanied by the Circus Benneweis orchestra sang "Smile" while the circus grooms was building a water organ in the ring. An impressive and spectacular end of a very nice performance. The organ is as far as I have understood owned by Adriana Folco who now can offer circus managers an elephant act as well as a water organ finale.

 nelly_fumagalli_20060323_low.JPG (44361 bytes)

Former Benneweis ring mistress Nelly Jane Benneweis and Fumagalli before the performance. Click here to see at slide show with photos from the performance

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22 March 2006

Opening night at Circus Arena. Brian "Briano" Behrendt was among the invited guest at Circus Arena's opening night on 21 March 2006. Brian writes: "The focus of the entire performance is on Circus under water. The performance began with short run-in by the Danish clown BonBon dressed in a diving suit and with a small umbrella splashing water. A nice entrée. After this circus owner Benny Berdino welcomed his audience. The next act was called Hail Atlantis. Patrick Berdino and a medium sized dapple-grey pony entered the ring with a fancy chariot decorated in beautiful blue colours with dolphins. He was followed by Suzanne Berdino on one of the new Andalusia horses from last year. She was joined by her daughters Stephanie and Charmaine. Also Marylou Caselly was in then ring riding high school followed by her mother Alexia with a jumping and skipping horse also doing a Capriole. At last Oliver entered the ring with another chariot in same colours but decorated with unicorns. All of the performers was wearing beautiful turquoise blue costumes. After the high school riding Suzanne Berdino entered the ring with the liberty horse act Arena have bought from Yasmin Smart a short while ago. The horses were beautifully dressed up. Next act was Les Sandros with rola bola. According to the printed programme they should have been followed by Madeleine in vertical rope and arial ring. However she did not perform at the opening night. Thus, Sandor was followed by the Russian reprice clowns Duet Blues. On of the clowns was Jigalov's partner from the Monte Carlo festival 2006. The clowns were followed by Russian Risley act acrobats Kuskov using motorbikes as trinkas. Then Duet Blues had a run-in. Then came the German escape artist Peter Valence with one of Houdini's old tricks. Impressive! Last act before the interval was Caselly's elephants and Andalusia horses in a nice new combination. During the interval the water show facilities was installed. Second part of the performance started with The Little Mermaid (Marrylou Caselly) entering the water-filled ring in a gondola and in a beautiful costume. Se presented a nice contortion act - very well done by an artist who according the then printed programme is only 14 years of age. Then BonBon has his entrée Singning in the rain. A nice new entrée with 5 x Bon Bon. After him came The Starlights with a roller skate act with a fine trick involving two persons from the audience. Then we meet Jorge C Junior with ladder balancing. I believe he is son of George Cardinalli who assisted him. He was followed by BonBon with The Turtels rap, which is one of my favourite entrées. After him Peter Valence presented a very good illusion followed by the Cardinalli's sea lion act combined with sea lions in the water. Last acrobat in the performance was Encho with an outstanding handstand act. By my opinion the best act in the performance. He was followed by a laser show before the finale. Arena has created a new and very entertaining program with a lot of light and sound effects as well as other effects. And they have managed to create a fancy water spectacle. I wish Arena and their entire staff a good season and I look forward to visiting them again in 2007. Briano's Circus Travels."

When Circus Arena concludes their 2006 season in Denmark circus owner Benny Berdino will bring his entire show to Holland. In Mexico an "old" acrobat and friend of the Berdino family is following what happens in the European Circus world. It is Carlos Kahman alias the contortionist Charly Ross ("Die Schlange"). About Arenas tour to Holland Charly writes: There is no other big circus in Holland this year, and the period during which they will be in Holland is good. As well the water show is new again for Holland, so I really hope that they are doing well as they are very nice people and hard workers, they deserve it!

 Bonbonx5_cwfoto.jpg (44196 bytes)

BonBon with the entrée Singing in the rain. Photo: Christian Warrer/Circus Arena

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21 March 2006

Michael Deutsch's magical show in Copenhagen. The Danish gentleman thief Kenny Quinn saw Danish star class magician Michael Deutsch's illusions show “A Magic Adventure” when it visited Copenhagen on 18 March. It is the largest illusions show which ever has toured Denmark and according to Kenny it is of the same high standard as magical shows presented in Copenhagen by magicians as American David Copperfield and Swedish Joe Labero. There were standing ovations to Michael and his crew after the performance.

michael_deutsch_finale2006.jpg (46783 bytes)

From the finale. Photo by courtesy of Michael Deutsch

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

18 March 2006

As the first of the Danish circuses Circus Charlie had its opening night on 16 March in very cold weather. Danish TV2 Nord visited Circus Charlie in the days prior to the opening. Click here to see what Danish television watches could see on 17 March (when you come to the page chose the date 17. marts and then click at no 7 "Cirkus Charlie trodser kulden" in the right hand column).

klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

16 March 2006

Judy Glosted as ringmistress in Circus Benneweis. Since Nelly Jane Benneweis in 1994 decided to stop as ringmistress or sprechstallmeister, as it is called in Danish and German, Circus Benneweis has only for one or two seasons used a ringmaster. But for the 2006-season circus owner Diana Benneweis has decided to re-introduce a ringmistress or compère as it is called in a slightly more modern language. Circus Benneweis new compére is named Judy Glosted. Her mother was a circus artist and her father is a musician. Her sister is a well-known Danish actress. Judy is self-taught as singer, dancer and musician. For several years she toured Denmark as an entertainer. A few years ago she decided to settle down and became manager at a conference centre at Glud, close to Horsens in Jutland. But she has always been fascinated by circus. And when Diana made her an offer she did not hesitate to accept it. She is looking forward to enter the ring and welcome the audience and guide them through the performance. "Judy is with great success using some of my smart old costumes," Diana Benneweis tells with a smile.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

13 March 2006

Melanie and Josephine Casselly will this year have the responsibility for the camels and elephants at Circus Dannebrog. Although their father Bernhard Kasselowsky is back from hospital after the traffic accident in Germany on 17 February it has been decided that it will be his two daughters who shall present his animals during the coming season. Josephine will present the camels and the girls will jointly go in the ring with the two elephants. They have trained hard all winter in order to be able to present new tricks etc.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

12 March 2006

Circus Mille sold. There has never been a touring Circus Mille in Denmark. But since the Circus Museum at Hvidovre, Copenhagen opened on 1 September 2001 an impressive model circus called Circus Mille has been on display. It is created by Knud Munch from Rönne (Isle of Bornholm) in scale 1:20. It was one the few items on display not owned by the museum, which rented it from Knud Munch. The museum has for a long while been interested in purchasing Circus Mille but could not agree on the price with Knud Munch. Now Knud Munch has sold his model circus to Benny Berdino of Circus Arena. It will be taken to Circus Arena's winterquarter at Slagelse, which the Berdino-family wants to make to some sort of winter amusement park. It is easy to understand that Knud Munch was tempted by a nice offer from Benny Berdino and that the Berdino's believe that the model circus will be of interest for all those they hope to see at their winterquarter. It is a bit sad for the Circus Museum to have to say goodbye to Circus Mille, which is the only Danish build model circus of this size. On the European market there is several model circuses. With a bit of luck the Circus Museum at Hvidovre will some day be able to acquire another model circus for a price they can accept and afford.

 mille 3 low.JPG (29710 bytes)

Circus Mille as it looked when it was on display at the Circus Museum at Hvidovre, Copenhagen.

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12 March 2006

Benny Berdino and the Danish radio hit list. Benny Berdino of Circus Arena is sometimes called the singing circus owner. He has made several CD's and has a number of times been on the Danish radio's hit list. For the time being his song "Fiesta Mexicana" is placed number 8 at the Danish at the Danish radios hit list. Last week it was number 9.

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10 March 2006

Patrick Austin and Liza King to Danish Circus Krone. The English Circus Magazine King Pole's spring issue tells that Patrick Austin and Liza King who were married in Cape Town, South Africa on 19 November for the coming summer season are going to Denmark with the Danish dog and pony show Circus Krone. Liza King toured with Circus Krone in 2001 as the female partner in a double trapeze act, Duo Mawendo. Liza is born in South Africa. Patrick Austin is English. His father Mike Austin owns Circus Ginnett. Liza came to England and joined Tony Hopkins' show with Duo Mawendo. Liza joined Zippo's Circus in 2004 where she did two aerial acts and met Patrick. Patrick and Liza have been with Robert Brother' Famous Circus at Christmas. This season with Circus Krone they will be doing the dog act with Sam, the collie, the carousel act and Liza does a single rings and silk act. Jan Allan of Circus Krone confirms that Patrick and Liza are with Circus Krone in the summer season 2006. Other artists in this years performance is the Danish ventriloquist Preben Palsgaard and his wife and partner Lisbet (repeaters from 2005), Bulgarian Bogdan and Camelia Lazar. And of cause circus owner Irene Thierry and Jan Allan (also known as the clown Alando) with clown entrées and small and larger horses. Season opening is in Torring on 2 April. Further information ion Circus Krone can be seen at

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9 March 2006

Circus Arli 2006. The Arli family (Soren and Lotte Arli with their son and daughter in love Martin and Bettina and their grandchild Alexander) has released the program for season 2006. They are calling the performance Vild med savsmuld (Danish for Crazy for sawdust). As the later years Bettina Arli is ringmistress. Kristaps should be a great juggler and Olga & Oleg will present an excellent handstand act. Ina Sopova is a skilled foot juggler and Dixie Rollers will dressed as cowboys present a Wild West act. Madam Sebesevych can be seen in trapeze. Gola will show their quick-change entrée. As far as I know none of the artist have before visited Denmark or other of the Scandinavian countries. Of cause also members of the Arli family can be seen in the ring. Martino & Co. are classical clowns. This year circus owner Soren Arli will join Martin and Alexander as a white-faced clown. For many years Soren worked as a whiteface. Even before he and Lotte established their own circus. He decided to retire as a clown after season 2000. But this year Martin, Alexander and Bettina have persuaded Soren to get a comeback as whiteface. 18 year old Alexander Arli is a very skilled and versatile artist. This year he will dressed as a fireman present a ladder balance entrée. Furthermore Circus Arli will in season 2006 present an act called Agent 006½ - recruitment of secret agents. I would not be surprised if the Agent 006½ turns up to be Martin Arli. Circus Arli start season 2006 on 1 April at Floeng. You can read more about Circus Arli at or at this page in the section called Facts about Circus Arli.

 martinos_2006.JPG (46034 bytes)

Martino & Co - Martin, Soren and Alexander Arli. Photo by courtesy of Circus Arli

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8 March 2006

Small change in the program at Circus Arena. The English arial acrobat Laura Miller should have been one of the performers in Circus Arena in 2006. However, she will be replaced by an act called Black Sun. Is should be a fascinating combination of air and water.

According to the updated version of the press release from Circus Arena the performers in the coming season will be: Les Sandros, Rola Bola; The Starlights, roller skates; Encho, handstand; Duet Blues, American clowns; BonBon, the Danish world class clown;George Cardinalli, ladder balancing; Black Sun, impressive combination of air and water; René and Alexia Caselly with 4 African elephants and 4 Andalusian horses; Marylou Caselly, contortion; Duo Cardinalli, sealions; Troupe Kuskov, Risley act on motor bikes; Peter Valence, magician and escape artist; Suzanne and Carsten Berdino, liberty horses.

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6 March 2006

Duo Aerius at Tigerpalast. Danish arial acrobats Esben and Maja Aerius can until 25 June bee seen with their fine act in arial cradle at Tigerpalast Variety Theatre in Frankfurt in Germany. From 7 July to 8 September the two young Danes will be at Blankenberge Variety Theatre in Belgium.

 DuoAerius0014.jpg (36331 bytes)

Duo Aerius

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5 March 2006

Flying trapeze at Circus Dannebrog 2006. It is Haddy Enoch's 30th season as circusowner. For the season he has bought a beautiful new tent in a dark red colour, slightly larger than his old tent. And he will for the first time ever present a flying trapeze act in his circus: Brazilian The Flying Michaels, who amongst other tricks will perform the triple and a double salto where the artist is blindfolded! Clowns this year with Dannebrog is Les Gotys who was among the performers at this year's circus festival in Monte Carlo. They were also with Dannebrog in 1997. Eddy Carello is a skilled juggler using footballs. The Haddies jr. jr. is the Enoch family's own bike act. Especially the circus owner's grandson Jimmy Enoch is a bike acrobat of international standard. He has just returned after several months at Hagenbecks Dinner-Zirkus in Hamborg, Germany. Glavatskies will present a nice arrial act. They were also with Dannebrog in 1993. And of cause there will be a lot of animals with Dannebrog; Josephine and Daniel Igen will present their dogs and goats. Miss Koschi will present the camels owned by her father Bernhard Kasselovsky. Katja Enoch will present liberty horses from Circus Dannebrog's own stables in a brand new liberty routine. And Caselly's (Bernhard Kasselovsky's) elephants will also be a part of the show. Circus Dannebrog will open their season on 28 March. You can find further information on Circus Dannebrog on and at this page in the section called Facts about Circus Dannebrog.

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4 March 2006

Circus Benneweis 2006. Diana Benneweis has kindly permitted me to release the 2006-program for her circus. It has for a long while been known that the famous clown Fumagalli (Gianni Fumagalli Huesca) as in 2003 together with his brother Daris have been engaged for Circus Benneweis' 2006-season. This time Fumagalli will bring his own acrobat troupe, Fuma-Boys, with their fantastic version of how they believe that acrobats looked and were working in 1900. His two sons Nino and Nico who as Huesca Brothers present a Risley act furthermore join Fumagalli. Fumagalli and his team comes directly from Munich where they have been main attraction in Circus Krone's indoor show in the Krone Circus Building. Amongst the other artist who can be seen in Circus Benneweis in 2006 is the juggler Jemiel Martinez, who is third generation from the well-known family of jugglers. As in 2005 pretty Italian Adriana Folco will present her elephant Baba.  The three acrobats from the trampoline troupe Street Kick comes from Ukraine. Their names are Sergei Bukhovtsev, Pavlo Masalykin and Mikhailo Soon. Yevgen Abakumov and Inessa Lvova are also from Ukraine. They present an arial cradle act under the name Duo Splash. Alex Fochesato is fifth generation from an Italian circus family. He presents his macaw parrots. The macaws are the largest specimen of parrots in the world. Janos Dubsky will present his soccer-playing boxer dogs. Janos has recently toured Asia and South Africa with The Great Moscow Circus. Opening day for Circus Benneweis in 2006 will be 23 March in Hillerod, 20 miles north of Copenhagen.

 fumagalli 2 low.JPG (25416 bytes)

Fumagalli. Photo taken in Circus Benneweis in 2003

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3 March 2006

Sine Andersen took part in the Danish version of the TV-show StarSearch on 3 March 2005. She performed with her two ventriloquist dolls and won the category 'comedy'. She will now continue to the finale of the popular TV-show.

 sine-web.jpg (29420 bytes)

Signe Andersen. Photo: Lise Kokholm

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2 March 2006

New Peter Hoeg-novel about a circus artist. The internationally well-known Danish author Peter Hoeg (his most well-known book is the best-seller Miss Smillas' Feeling For Snow from 1992) will on 19 May release a new novel, the first he has written for 10 years. The title of the novel will be The silent Girl. The head character is a 42-year old world famous circus artist Kasper Krone. The book will be published in Danish. It seems very likely that the book will be translated to several languages, including English.

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2 March 2006

Danish trapeze star Isabella Enoch was after the traffic accident which I mentioned at this page on 24 February taken to a hospital in Bremen, Germany.  On 1 March she was well enough to be transferred to a hospital in Aabenraa in the southern part of Jutland, close to her home and the winter quarter of the Enoch family's Circus Dannebrog. But she will be confined to her bed for some length of time. The elephant trainer Bernhard Kasselowsky had hoped that he could leave the hospital during this week. But the doctors have persuaded him to stay for at while longer at the hospital in Bremen. Rumours telling that he has been discharged from hospital are not true. But he is undoubtedly missing his elephant. And the elephant is missing their owner and trainer.

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2 March 2006

Opening days. The first Danish circus to start season 2006 will be Circus Charlie. Einar Trie and his team have opening night in Aalborg on 17 March. The following day Circus Arena has dress rehearsal in Copenhagen. The official opening night is however not until 21 March. On 23 March Circus Benneweis has season opening in Hillerod north of Copenhagen. On 28 march Circus Dannebrog will have their first performance in 2006 in Vojens in the southern part of Jutland. 30 March is opening day for Circus Mascot in Roslev in the northern part of Jutland. 1 April Circus Arli will start their 2006-seadon at Floeng, not far away from the Danish capital Copenhagen. 8 April Circus Baldoni will give this year's first performance in Ronne on the Isle of Bornholm. Opening night for Baldoni on Zealand will be 21 April in the Copenhagen suburb Lyngby. I am missing information on opening night for Irene Thierry's dog and pony show Circus Krone. It might be on 6 April, when Circus Krone can be seen in Tonning in Jutland. A tour list and information on how to get tickets for the circuses mentioned can be found at What's on. - Some opening nights for circuses in Sweden: Circus Maximum has opening night 23 March in Älvsered north of Gothenburg. The Trolle Rhodin-family's Circus Brazil Jack has opening night in Malmö on 24 March. Circus Olympia has season opening in Oskarström on 8 April.

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28 February 2006

Katja and the horses (in Danish Katja og hestene) is the title of a subpage under the section 'Cirkusliv' (Circus Life) at Circus Dannebrog's webpage. Last season Circus Dannebrog bought some new horses. Responsibility for the horses was given to Katja Enoch, youngest daughter of circus owner Haddy Enoch and his wife Solveig. It was also Katja who presented the horses in a liberty routine in Circus Dannebrog in 2006. Katja is very enthusiastic about her job. After the close of season 2005 she has every day trained the horses for several hours. New tricks are introduced. Training takes place in a training ring at Circus Dannebrog's winterquarter at Molby north of Vojens in the southern part of Jutland. You can see some photos and find further information (in Danish) at

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27 February 2006

Circus Baldoni 2006. Some of the performers have been know for quite a while. But the circus owners Thessa and René Moenster have now released the full program for 2006. The look forward to welcome the audience in a brand new with very good facilities for the audience.

The 2006 program is called The great Circus Party (in Danish 'Den store Cirkusfest'). Thessa and René promises their audience a splendid show with artist from all ower Europe and this year accompanied by a live band: Polish Tomek Krawczyk and his trio. Performers are the Italian Cavaegna clowns, Mr. Jumping (Peytchev Plamen Metodiev) with his comedy trampoline entrée, perch with Barbi family,  the hula hoop acrobat Miss Fatime, the juggler and breakdancer Steve, the diablo juggler Jones, the plate spinning The Barbi's, magical illusions by Ron Marvin & Daniella, the arial acrobat Miss Otilia, the caretaker clown Hr. Nielsen (alias the Danish clown Lars Larna) and circus owner Baldoni alias Rene Monster and his lion Leonardo (a ventriloquist doll). The Barbi family has worked for Circus Baldoni for some years, every year with new entrées. Also Lars Larna has for some seasons worked for his old pal René. Last time in 2005 where was amongst the audience's favourites when playing the part of Circus Baldoni's figure the caretaker clown. Magician Ron Marvin (alias René Monster) performed in large Danish Circus Arena in 1986 and again from 1989 to 1993. Further information on Baldoni's 2006 program can be found at

 baldoniplakat-2006_low.jpg (48208 bytes)

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24 February 2006

Isabella Enoch and Bernhard Kasselowsky involved in severe traffic accident. On their way to Paris in order to participate in their late friend Gilles Gonnerton's funeral Danish trapeze star Isabella Enoch and the elephant trainer Bernhard Kasselowsky was early the morning on 17 February involved in a severe traffic accident on thenhighway close to Bremen in Germany. Isabella broke an arm and a leg and had a severe concussion of the brain. Bernhard who was driving the car got some injuries in his head and in his chest. Both were taken to local hospitals but should now be getting better. Luckily enough none of their injuries should be of a permanent character. But both will be confined to their beds for some length of time. And we will certainly not see Isabella in trapeze in this year's performance in her fathers Circus Dannebrog.

 25KX8369_red_Simonsen.jpg (18871 bytes)

Isabella Enoch. Photo taken at a performance in Isabella's Dinnershow Trapeze in 2005 by Ronald Timmermann

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23 February 2006

New wave Circus Festival in Copenhagen from 23 June to 16 July. During the festival there will be a lot of activities such as performances, workshops, an open stage for coming artists and professional artist etc. Among the performances will be a French company 2 rien merci, with their performance "Moulin Cabot" and the Spanish duo Escarlata Circus with their family performance "Llenties i Marabú". Also AFUK (the Copenhagen circus and artist school) will present a performance at the open stage. The festival will be arranged by KIT (Copenhagen International Theatre) in co-operation with the Theatre Kaleidoskop, the Dance Stage and AFUK. The main sponsor is the City of Copenhagen.

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23 February 2006

A lot of circus performances could bee seen as free attractions at Danish shopping malls during the school childrens winter holiday in week 7 and 8. And several artists could be seen in more than one shopping centre. Benny Schumann performed in Slagelse in week 7 and in Glostrup in week 8. The sea lion trainer Steven Pedersen was in Slagelse in week 7 and in Odense in week 8. The photo below was taken during his performance in Slagelse. The German-Russian couple Yvo Antoni and Marina could be seen in Ballerup in week 7 and in Odense in week 8. The photo below is from their performance in Ballerup. Click here if you want to see a slide show from Circus BonBon in Ballerup.

 Benny_Steven_Slagelse_200602_low.jpg (42568 bytes)

Benny Schumann, the sealions and Steven Pedersen. Photo by courtesy of Benny Schumann

d_yvomarina_20060218_low.JPG (39784 bytes)

Buble Gums alias Marina and Yvo Antoni

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22 February 2006

Circus Arena has made a minor change in their press release regarding the coming season: as anticipated they have had to delete the arial act Antares from their program following the tragically accident in Paris where one of the artist fall to dead. The remaining program for Circus Arena is unchanged and includes among others Laura Miller in arial ring. For several years Laura performed together with Antares in German Circus Flic Flac. Laura as well as Antares was among the performers at the Circus Festival in Monte Carlo in 2005.

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21 February 2006

New tents for three Danish circuses. When season 2006 begin in March three of the Danish circuses will have brand new tents. Circus Dannebrog has bought a new tent in Italy with a diameter of 36 meter, slightly larger and higher than their old tent and without quarter poles. Circus Baldoni has purchased a new tent in Germany. Diameter is 26 meter and circus owner René Moenster has just picked up the tent in Germany. The king poles made by René and his team are almost ready. Colours of the tent are red and blue and the tent is without quarter poles. Jess and Marianne Deleuran from Circus Mascot has bought a new tent for their circus. The size is the same as their old tent. And the manufacturer is from Denmark: Festi Telti v/Fabian Kawalec from Funen Island.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

20 February 2006

Many visitors at Circus Arena's winterquarter. Circus Arena did open the doors for the public to their winterquater in Slagelse in week 7. Several visitors have informed me that the opening was a success with more than 1,000 visitors on some of the opening days. Next time the winter quarter will be open to the public will be in November when Circus Arena is back from the trip to Holland which is planed during the autumn after their summer tour in Denmark

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16 February 2006

A Magic Adventure Tour 2006. You can not see many magical shows in Denmark. But from 22 February to ultimo March Danish star class magician Michael Deutsch will tour with a show called A Magic Adventure Tour 2006. I quote from the press release presenting the show:

There are forces in the universe that are invisible to most, but for a select few they are part of a larger reality. In "A Magic Adventure Tour 2006", Michael Deutsch carries you away into his world on an amazing journey filled with laughter and wonder. With nimble elegance and a twinkle in his eye, magician Michael Deutsch keeps his audience riveted for a full 90 minutes. Experience hazardous illusions that involve motorcycles, cranes and machines that have otherwise taken the lives of other magicians. See how playing cards, paper money, coins and personal items are transformed, disappear and reappear right in front of your very eyes – illusion or magic, you decide! "A Magic Adventure Tour 2006" is certainly a first-rate international show. With the help of an impressive scene set-up, including lighting, sound, shock effects and large screens, Michael Deutsch goes beyond the stage, bringing the audience closer to the illusion than ever seen before in Denmark. Four professionals perform fabulous dance numbers and assist with large illusions. International magician Michael Deutsch is able to present a blend of complicated tricks with plenty of humour and mystery, giving audiences an experience for a lifetime.

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15 February 2006

Kenny Quinn and Joan who for the time being can been seen at Hagenbeck´s Dinner-Zirkus in Hamburg together with among others Konrad & John-John Thuranos (see photo) are fully booked for season 2006. After Hagenbeck they will tour with Swedish Circus Olympia. And when Olympia in the autumn end their summer season Kenny Quinn & Joan will present their elegant gentlemanthief-entrée at EUROPA-PARK’S Winter Dinner Spectacle until 31 January 2007. Europa-Park in Rust is one or Germanys largest amusement parks. It is situated in the southern part of Germany.

quinn_thuranos_2006.JPG (47480 bytes)

Kenny Quinn, Konrad Thur, Joan Quinn and John-John Thur. Photo by courtesy of Kenny Quinn

klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

14 February 2006

When Steven Pedersen end his one-week job with Benny Schumann in the West Zealand Shopping Mall in Slagelse he will go to Odense where he together with his three sealions and two penguins will perform for a week at Circus Kenny in the Rosengaardscentret (a large shopping mall). Other performers at Circus Kenny will be the Bubi Ernesto clowns. As usual the Kenny-performance will be presented by ringmistress Agnete Louise Enoch.

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12 February 2006

Circus Arena 2006. "300.000 enthusiastic spectators saw Circus Arena's performance in 2005," press agent Christian Warrer of Circus Arena writes in his press release regarding the program in 2006. The press release continues: "In our new production 2006 - Circus under Water - we can promise the audience a performance of the same high quality with a unique composition of tradition and renewal. Water and fire has for all times fascinated human beings and in the circus world you could as long back as 1886 for the first time see a circus ring filled with water. With the water and the traditional circus Arena has now created a show which by using the newest laser and computerbased technique creates new dimensions for what the artist can present. But the audience shall not be missing the traditional circus performance: horses, elephants, clowns, arial artists and magicians. 'Strong men and pretty girls are still a vital part of the circus performance', circus owner Benny Berdino tells. He do remember that he as a kid was impressed by a poster for a Circus under water. 'The magic of the water is unchanged and even if we produce traditional circus we also want to create something new. I believe that seeing what we can do in a circus tent will impress the audience'.

In the performance the audience can meet Les Sandros, Rola Bola at a high level. The Starlights roller skate act. Encho, outstanding control of the human body. Duet Blues, American clowns in a water show. BonBon, the Danish world class clown. George Cardinalli, impressive ladder balancing. Laura Miller, queen of the air. René and Alexia Caselly with their 4 African elephants in a new entrée combined with 4 Andalusian horses. Marylou, Then little Mermaid (contortion). Duo Cardinalli, cheerful sealions in the water. Troupe Kuskov, Risley act, will bring the performance into the 21 century using their motor bikes as trinkas. Peter Valence, magician and escape artist. Suzanne and Carsten Berdino, liberty horses from Circus Arena's own stables."  - According to the press release the arial act Antares will also bee among the performers. But after the tragically accident in Cirque d'Hiver on 6 February where Gilles Gonneton died after a fall is seems doubtful if the two remaining members of Antatares, Gilles' brother Bruno and Gilles wife Maria Garcia, will continue the act with a new partner.

Encho_Handstand_arenapresse.jpg (40686 bytes)

The handstand acrobat Encho will be among the performers in Circus Arenas 2006-performance. Photo by courtesy of Circus Arena

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10 February 2006

More about circus performances during the Danish school childrens winter holiday. On 21 January I mentioned that several shopping malls etc are presenting circus or artist performances as free attractions during the Danish school childrens winter holiday in week 7 and 8. I have now some additional information on the performers. In the West Zealand Shopping Mall at Slagelse you can from 13 to 18 February meet the Danish clown and multi-acrobat Benny Schumann with special guests. His guests are the Danish/English sealiontrainer Steven Pedersen and his two sealions. Steven presents a very charming act which a lot of Danes will remember from the 2003 and 2005 performances in Circus Benneweis. Until 15 February you can meet Danish Circus Krone at the Gellerup stage at the City West shopping mall in Brabrand, Aarhus. Among the performers are Italian balance acrobat Jessica Gaveagna. In the shopping mall in Herning you can from 13 to 18 February meet Circus Mascot. Among the performers are the clowns Pico and Picolina from the Czech republic, Marianne Deleuran with her poodles and Daniel Deleuran on slack wire (nor at earlier written with rola-bola).

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

9 February 2006

Preben Palsgaard at the Circus Museum at Hvidovre, Copenhagen. 15 and 16 February you can meet the Danish ventriloquist Preben Palsgaard at the Circus Museum at Hvidovre, Copenhagen. For more than a year the museum have presented a special exhibition with ventriloquist dolls. This exhibition will close on 19 February. The next special exhibition will be about a rather special Danish dancer and acrobat called Miss Florens.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

6 February 2006 

Danes visiting Monte Carlo 22/1 – 26/1 2006. A group of 14 Danes headed by Benny Schumann's head groom Brian "Briano" Behrendt visited this year's circus festival in Monte Carlo. The group included two well-known Danish artists: the clown and multi-acrobat Benny Schumann and the clown Bonbon (Lasse Noerager). The visit was a huge success and many from the groups and some other Danish fans plans to repeat the visit in 2007.

 monaco2005a_lkfoto.jpg (24759 bytes)

The Danish visitors. Sitting in the middle Brian "Briano" Behrendt. Behind Brian Benny Schumann. Photo: Lise Kokholm (who herself can been seen to the left of Brian).

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

6 February 2006

The European Circus Association ECA sent out the following press release in connection with this year's circus festival in Monte Carlo:

Monte Carlo Circus Festival, homage to the traditional circus

An unequalled Circus experience!  A galaxy of the world’s top circus artistes in a glittering Golden Gala performance produced by Her Serene Highness Princess Stephanie in tribute to the Festival’s much-loved founder, her father the late Prince Rainier III.

And, not surprisingly, standing ovations for each and every one of these outstanding acts.

It’s almost impossible to choose a ‘best’ among a programme which, though wonderful, was over long at 5 hours. Many would say the Festival’s crowning glory was the wonderful equine presentation of Alexis Gruss. But also at the forefront was the sight of clowns Jigalov and David Larible working together! As always, the Festival was a world meeting place for circus Directors, an exuberant round of reunions.  And that includes the many artistes, trainers, writers, circus friends, managers, publicists and others, whose colourful presence combine to make this the world’s greatest circus social event. More formally, there was the European Circus Association Symposium, members’ meeting, and Round Table discussions.  And the 2nd Circus Trades Exhibition, including tentmakers, printers, equipment engineers, and souvenir companies.


ECA SYMPOSIUM -- ideas and issues for Directors

Five main points were under discussion at this year’s ECA Symposium, all issues being dealt with by the European Commission. Those topics were: education, animal welfare, Visas and Work Permits, the place of Circus as Culture, and siting of shows, all subjects aired in recent EU resolutions.  Each of those subjects inspired vigorous discussion.  Especially interesting was the talk by Joan Galvin, of America’s Feld Organisation, with her news and suggestions to help keep wild animals in circuses. Joan dealt with PR and the promotion of our good husbandry -- a hugely significant subject within the circus world.


ECA Members’ meeting

As announced beforehand, ECA founding President Martin Hanson spoke to confirm his retirement from that post. The meeting gave him a well-deserved standing ovation for his enormous commitment and unique energy, qualities which Martin has used to good advantage to put the ECA on the European map.  Martin Hanson received a special Award in thanks for his services, and has agreed to continue to serve the Association, but now as Ambassador. Urs Pilz was elected by unanimous vote as the new President, and Carl-Gustav Jernström as Treasurer. The governing Board was expanded to include Suzanne Herman Mata, Carol Gandey, and Ton Rennings.   Further decisions were also taken regarding the promotion of the ECA and its further progress.  And members heard with delight that the ECA’s Brussels representative is now an official Lobbyist to the European Parliament.


Circus Business Exhibition

The second Circus Business Exhibition was held as part of the ECA Symposium, and all the businesses taking part said they were pleased at the level of attention they’d received from the circus world. Princess Stephanie’s personal visit, quick though it had to be, was especially appreciated. The Fairmont Hotel is an ideal venue for an exhibition of this sort, since so many circus Directors and Managers stay and meet there for the Festival.  All the exhibitors said they’d like to take places next year, and others are asking to join in too. 


klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

21 January 2006

Several shopping malls etc are presenting circus or artist performances during the Danish school childrens winter holiday in week 7 and 8. From 9 to 15 February you can meet Danish Circus Krone at the Gellerup stage at the City West shopping mall in Brabrand, Aarhus. Amongst the performers are the clown Alando and circus owner Irene Thierry and some guest artists. Circus Arena will open their winterquarter at Slagelse to the public from 11 to 19 February. The winter quarter is a large visiting area with 100 circus animals, repair shops, training ring and Berdino's own sealions performing in a large basin. Suzanne Berdino will explain and show how she is training Circus Arena's 32 horses. There will be shows with Pjerrot and the African multi acrobat Samson (Luka Odhiambo). In the shopping mall in Herning you can from 13 to 18 February meet Circus Mascot. Among the performers are the clowns Pico and Picolina from the Czech republic, Marianne Deleuran with her poodles and Daniel Deleuran with rola-bola etc. From 13 to 18 February Circus BonBon produced by Circus Arena can been seen in the Shopping Centre in the Copenhagen suburb Ballerup. Ringmaster Finn Bendixen will present Carsten Berdino and his daughters Charmaine and Stephanie in a magical entrée, 11 year old Oliver Berdino as juggler, miss Marina with hula hop and her partner Yvo Antoni with a most charming entrée with a tiny dog. Furthermore Carsten Berdino will present a dog show with 3 border colliers and a poodle. In the West Zealand Shopping Mall at Slagelse you can from 13 to 18 February meet Danish clown and multi-acrobat Benny Schumann with special guests. The following week from 20 to 25 February Benny Schumann and his ponies can be seen at the Glostrup Shopping Mall close to Copenhagen. From 20 to 25 February Circus Charlie will present a performance called Circus Charlito at the Rodovre Shopping Centre (5 miles from downtown Copenhagen). Circus Kenny, which is produced by Haddy Enoch from Circus Dannebrog, can bee seen at the Rosengaard Shopping Mall in Odense from 20 to 25 February.

 finn_bendixen_20050219.JPG (38780 bytes)

Finn Bendixen as ringmaster in Circus BonBon. Photo from February 2005

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

20. January 2006

Magic at Bryggen is the name of a magic show to be held 8 March at 19 at the Cultural Centre, Islands Brygge 18, Copenhagen. Performing magicians are Danish world class gentleman thief and magician Kenny Quinn and Magic Michael (Michael Frederiksen). A similar show with other performers arranged in November 2005 by Magic Michael was most successful.

klovn.gif (1460 bytes) 

19 January 2006

Danish Circus Krone has sold their winter quarter. According to the Danish magician magazine Pegasus Irene Thierry and Jan Allan from tiny Danish Circus Krone has for long while wanted to sell their present winter quarters in Haarup. Now they have found a purchaser and will live in their caravan until they find a new and better winter quarter for their circus.

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16 January 2006

Christmas Circus in Copenhagen. By tradition circus is a summer event in Denmark. In 1973 Benny Berdino and Kenn Anker Petersen tried to introduce a Christmas Circus concept in Copenhagen: Circus Benkenny. The performance was rather good but the audience rather limited. Since then no one has dared to present a winter circus in Denmark. Realising that such circuses are becoming more and more popular in Germany and Holland Thessa and Rene Moenster from Danish Circus Baldoni has decided to present a Christmas Circus in Copenhagen in December 2006. They will raise two tents at the Triangle circus lot in Copenhagen. In one of the tents with a seating capacity of 600 people they will present an international and family friendly circus performance running for 2 hours. In the other tent their guests can have sodas, gloeg (mulled wine containing raisins and almonds, very popular at Christmas time in the Nordic countries), small cakes of batter etc. Surrounding the tents there will be lot of Christmas trees, light and Christmas atmosphere. Further information (in Danish) can be seen at

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9 January 2005

The year of the Circus in Holland. 2006 has been pronounced the year of the circus in Holland. The Year of the Circus is organised by the Dutch Centre for peoples culture, the Club of circus friends the Netherlands and the Association Dutch Circus Enterprises (members: Circus Herman Renz, Circus Royal, Circus Althoff, Circus Rigolo, Circus Moscow-Holiday, Magic Circus, Wintercircus Martin Hanson, Wintercircus Apeldoorn, Kerstwintercircus Eindhoven, Cascade Utrecht, Stardust Circus International and Mega Tent Hire International). Arie Oudenes from ECA (the European Circus Association) tells: "On the 8th of January Mr. Cornielle - commissioner of the queen in the province Gelderland opened the year of the circus. By piling up cubes in the correct order the logo of the year of the circus arose. On 1 April in Utrecht the summer season will be opened with a traditional circus parade and circus activities to which also youth circuses cooperate. Further there will be travelling circus exhibitions, several museums will have special circus exhibitions and there will appear a special book concerning the circus in the Netherlands. Furthermore a scientific symposium is organised, is circus at issue during the annual day of the Dutch Folk Culture days and in October in‘s Hertogenbosch a festival for new circus will be organised. Concerning these and other activities can read you on the Internet site:

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From the opening ceremony. Photo: Maarten Sprangh

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6 January 2006

Today was private view day for the artist Pia Ville's new exhibition of paintings. Pia started to paint in 1984. Until then she was for 20 years known as the female partner in the magician act Lee Pee Ville and Company which was among the hottest names in Europe at that time. Pia and Lee Pee Ville alias Leif Hansen parted in 1984 and Pia worked for a while with press and sales for German Circus Krone until she reverted to her maiden county Denmark and started to paint. Her former partner Leif Hansen established himself as artist agent in Brühl in Germany. Some but not all of Pia Ville's paintings is from the world of circus and variety artists.

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Pia Ville in front of two of her paintings.

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3 January 2006

More and more Danish acrobats get their own website. Suzanne and Karsten Berdino have established a website at the address, where they offer entertainment for birthday parties, city festivals etc. Suzanne is daughter of Circus owner Benny Berdino of Danish Circus Arena. Also other daughters of circus owners do have their own website: owner of Circus Dannebrog Haddy Enoch's youngest daughter Katja Enoch has a homepage at the address where she offer shows with a quick change act and as joker girl. Her elder sister Isabella Enoch has no less than two websites for her Dinnershow Trapeze:, and

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2 January 2006

Acrobats at Rode Kro Variety Theatre. As usual some circus performers have been engaged for an autumn show at the variety theatre Rode Kro (The Red Inn Theatre) in Copenhagen. The owner of the theatre Charley Kaye and his wife Belita are former comical casceadeurs. For their 2006 autumn performance they have engaged Russian Duo Malinkovich with their quick-change act and the food juggler (antipodist) Jan Navratil from Czech.

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2 January 2006

Travel in Fantasy is the working tittle of Circus Charlie's 2006-performance, which will tour Denmark from 17 March to 17 September. Among the performers will be the acrobat girls Natascha & Natascha (repeaters from 2005), RiGa Skakalki Group with a skipping entrée, Karina Maskina with a solo-biker-number and as part of a troupe called Six Acrocats. You will also meet the clowns Red and Blue and the pleasant clown Charlie and his clarinet.

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The clown and circus owner Einar "Charlie" Trie

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2 January2006

Birthdays with a round figure in 2006. Two personalities from the Danish circus world can in 2006 celebrate a birthday with a round figure. Press agent and ring mistress Agnete Louise Enoch can celebrate her 50 years birthday on 14 June. And Benny Berdino of Circus Arena can celebrate his 60-year birthday on 3 August.

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1 January2006

This website had 27,734 hits in 2005. You can see the counter at the bottom of the opening page.

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