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Last updated : 19. April 2014

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Denmark is a kingdom in north-western Europe, the southernmost of the Scandinavian countries. Denmark comprises of the Jutland peninsula as well as numerous islands in the Baltic and North seas. The principal islands, lying between Jutland and Sweden, are Zealand and Funen. Near the North American mainland, between the North Atlantic and the Arctic oceans, is the island of Greenland, home of Santa Claus and an integral part of the Danish monarchy. Greenland is internally self-governing. Excluding Greenland, Denmark has an area of 42,370 sq km (16,360 sq mi). The population of Denmark is aprox. 5,500,000. The capital and largest city is Copenhagen, on the island of Zealand, with a metropolitan area population of aprox. 1,400,000. Other major cities, with their estimated populations, include Aarhus (275,000), Odense (180,000) and Aalborg (160,000).

In Denmark we have for many years had 3 fairly large travelling circuses: Arena,   Benneweis and Dannebrog.

Furthermore we have one medium sized circus, Circus Baldoni, and 3 dog and pony-shows (what Americans calls high grass circuses) Circus Arli, Circus Krone (not to be mistaken for the mighty German Circus Krone!) and Circus Mascot.

Some youth organisation produces circus-performances with kids as performers, using names as circus Tvaers, circus Flik-Flak and circus Arcus.

A number of foreign new wave circuses are frequent visitors to Denmark, most of them in corporation with Copenhagen International Theatre (KIT). Canadian Cirque du Soleil visited Copenhagen July/August 2001 and was back I October 2009. The Swedish Circus Scott visited Copenhagen in Octobre or November in 1999, 2000 and 2001. A German family circus, Circus Renz-Berlin, toured Jutland and the Funen Island in 2004, however without attracting much audience. They visited Denmark again in 2006, closing their 2006-season with a Christmas Circus in Copenhagen. Often there were less than 100 persons in the audience, half of them kids which did not have to pay! However Renz-Berlin has stayed in Denmark touring Zealand in 2007 and Funen and Jutland in 2008. The left Denmark in December 2008 but came back in June 2009 touring Jutland. Another of the Renz family’s small circuses, Circus Amara, toured Denmark in 2009. Tiny German Circus Astoria toured Denmark for a couple of months in 2006 and 2008 and spent most of season 2008 at Funen. They were back for part of season 2009, 2010 and 2011.

Since 1991 The Copenhagen Circus Building has sadly enough only occasionally been used for the purpose for which it was builded in 1886.

The picture on the top of this page shows the Circus Building in 1953, when the famous clown Charlie Rivel was the main attraction at Circus Schumann. The photos at the bottom of the page show the three largest circuses in Denmark: Circus Arena ,Circus Benneweis and Circus Dannebrog.

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Circus Arena 2008. Photo: Per Krogh Petersen

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Cirkus Benneweis 2005

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Circus Dannebrog 2007